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You Can't Please Everyone

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

Have you ever felt inadequate and unable to meet the standards of other people?

Working in customer service I've learned that trying to please everyone and make everyone happy is impossible. We're taught that our job is to ensure that the customers have a highly satisfied experience during their shopping trip which means our smiles need to be wider and our daily frustrations cannot be shown. While I'm at work I try my best to greet every single customer that walks by me and sometimes there's that awkward customer that I've greeted several times because they've walked past me about five times and by then they just stare at you like you've lost your mind. Most days, I feel like I'm running around with my head cut off trying to answer questions that customers have and deal with the concerns that associates have. I try to make sure every problem is solved and every customer leaves with a smile on their faces but honestly there's always at least one customer that will not be pleased. There will always be a customer that screams and threatens to call corporate on you because you didn't return their items or a customer that is already cranky and making your job harder. It happens because we're human and knowing that there will be someone upset and unsatisfied is fine because not everyone will be pleased with us.

Sometimes I feel like Elastigirl from The Incredibles. Her arm stretches as far as you need her to stretch, being pulled in every way possible. I want to accomplish everything to the best of my ability because I don't want to fail anyone including myself. So, I manage my time and work until I realize that I haven't taken my lunch and my stomach is screeching for food. There are times when I fail someone and I realize that trying to please everyone is impossible.

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Of course I get disappointed in myself because I absolutely dislike failing someone. It makes me feel like I'm not a good worker. Perfection is unachievable because mistakes happen all the time and that's okay. It's okay that we can't make everyone happy and jolly. It's okay that we don't know the answer to a customer's question.

The same applies to everything else. We will encounter someone that crosses our path in life that is unsatisfied with us and there will be even people that will be disappointed in us. Remember we can't please everyone so don't stress over it. There's no need to beat yourself over because you didn't meet someone's standard. Be unafraid to live life fully even when mistakes come because mistakes, regrets and disappointments are all part of life.

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