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What's In My Gym Bag

Saturday, June 06, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

This weekend I shared my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Although, I don't go to a gym, I do have a bag of items that keep me going. Below, I will be sharing a round up of some athletic gear and products that help me feel good, keep hydrated and look good! Who says sweating can't look fabulous?

Yoga wear - Kohl’s Gaiam Collection
The new Gaiam collection at Kohl’s is just a great product that is priced well. It’s amazing to me to see the transition and evolution Kohl’s has made over the last 5 years. They have great lines, that are stylish and affordable. When it comes to yoga wear, I like this loose and flow that are easy to wear and I can still run errands in. My two favorite pieces are the racerback tank and the cropped harem pants.   

Kohl’s launched the exclusive Gaiam® women’s apparel collection back in April and it is now available at Kohl’s stores nationwide and Kohls.com. The collection balances comfort and style with stay-put designs in yoga specific fabrications, including hoodies, graphic tops, dresses, skirts, bras, leggings and more, all under $75. Through their partnership with Gaiam, Kohl’s is leading the way towards making yoga more approachable and accessible -- offering everything from soft, breathable clothing and technical gear to inspiring instructional videos for all levels of experience.

Socks - Worlds Softest Socks
The World Softest Socks truly indeed are the softest socks I’ve worn.  These accessories take a schoolgirl classic and turn it into a sexy, playful way to finish any look. They take an athletic look and add some spunk! The brand comes in a array of styles from sporty to sexy and will instantly transform your style without breaking the bank. Retailing between $6-$24, these can be purchased at www.worldssoftest.com.

I like to wear the higher socks while running for the compression to help prevent shin splints, but they can also be a great pair to wear while lifting weights to help protect your shins during deadlifts and if you do box jumps.

Nike Free 5.0
For running and pretty much anything active I do, I wear my Nike Free 5.0s. These shoes got me through a half marathon. They’re worn in and comfortable. I probably should get a new pair, but these have molded to my feet and they aren’t tattered. So, I’ll use them till they start falling apart. The Nike 5.0s are ideal for runners new to Nike Free, the Nike Free 5.0 Women's Running Shoe offers excellent lightweight cushioning and support while enabling a more natural running experience.

The shoe was designed to have a more natural footstrike. The engineered mesh upper provides the comfort and fit you'd expect of a traditional shoe, conforming to the shape of your foot to support you as you move. Flywire integrated with the laces delivers added support and an adaptive fit. These puppies have lasted me 2 years so far and I’m hoping to get another year of use out of them. They are a bit pricier, but overall the quality relates directly to the price.

Swipe Wipes
Swipe®  is a pocket-sized, biodegradable, single use deodorant wipe infused with a natural tea tree extract that not only provides protection, it also eliminates body odor.  The small and discrete packaging makes Swipe® travel-friendly and ideal gym, beach and hand bags. The product is eco-friendly and paraben free and the active ingredient, Saccharomyces Ferment, is a natural bacterial enzyme that combats odor. This is a great product to keep in your bag for those OMG moments you forget to put on deodorant and they are perfect for my gymbag post workout.

Jeju 16 Volcanic Bedrock Water 
When I do yoga, especially hot yoga, I lose a lot of water from sweating. Bikram yoga is performed under hot and humid conditions. Yoga changes the construction of the body from the inside out, from bones to skin and from fingertips to toes. So before you change it, you have to heat it up to soften it, because a warm body is a flexible body. Typically you perform in a room heated to 104 degrees with a humidity of 40 percent. To say you lose a lot of water is an understatement. I have found when practicing, it is important to drink more than just regular water. I find mineral water tends to help replace my electrolytes.

Jeju 16 Water is a great new comer to the market. In the past I’ve drank brands like Smartwater. Yet, 16 just tasted cleaner to me. 16 was dubbed 16 due to the fact that is passes through 16 layers of volcanic bedrock. It is naturally purified without stripping away essential minerals. Thus, it ends up as a mineral-rich water that doesn’t need to be processed or synthetically enhanced.

We all have those moments of night time hunger. Personally, I try not to eat past 8PM. But if I am working late, sometimes I need something to tide me over. Nightfood Nutrition Bars are a great alternative and can keep you on track. The bars are perfect for adults or kids who snack before bed. They have a sleep-friendly nutritional profile.No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No Hydrogenated Oils. Midnight chocolate Crunch is my favorite flavor. It pleases my sweet tooth and I don’t feel terrible after eating it!

Last, but not least, I always have a bottle of Mr. Black Sport Refresh - Garment Essentials Spray. A powerful solution designed to clean the technical fabrics of sports clothing. Made from natural and biodegradable ingredients the solution will kill bacteria and neutralize sweat odours that build up in sports clothing and accessories. This is a great product to keep in your bag, to spray the items that may not get a wash every single day. I also think it is great to use to spray on the inside of your gym bag and shoes to keep odors at bay!

Hope this roundup is helpful to all of you readers out there! Feel free to let me know about some of your gym bag must haves in the comment section below!
Jen Lezan 

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