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Thompson Chicago Debuts Secret Stairwell Art Exhibit

Thursday, June 04, 2015 Cora

You've heard of making the most of your space and know art exhibits can spring up anywhere, beautifying some of the most forgotten spaces. Thompson Chicago has transformed one of the service stairwells into an art gallery. As an extension of Thompson Chicago Art Collective, the walls between floor 2 through 4 are now covered in original works by commissioned artists.

Work by Chelsea Culp (left) and Lyndsey Marko. Picture by Scott Thompson. The collaborative work was put together by local artists Ben Marcus, Lyndsey Marko, Wyatt Grant, and Chelsea Culp. This cutting edge repurposing of space is add local art to the experience of their guests as well as add to the current collection of Chicago artists including the fourth floor collection by Left Handed Wave.

Work by Ben Marcus. Picture by Scott Thompson. If we're telling you about it, how is it a secret? You have to find it first. Visitors can ask the front desk for the secret location, an insider tip for an exclusive experience just as those in the know can ask for the other menu at some Thai restaurants. After the location is revealed, guests are given a guide containing bios, background information on the pieces, as well as inspiration statements. What a great reason to take the stairs!

Work by Wyatt Grant. Picture by Scott Thompson. The Secret Stairwell will be an ongoing initiative and it will add new artists quarterly. The exhibit is now open to the public.

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