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The Search For Imperfection

Friday, June 19, 2015 Rachael Stewart

We live in a society that is constantly aiming for perfection whether it be our looks, our lifestyle, our relationships, and so on. We hate making mistakes and admitting that we're wrong because that would suggest weakness or failure. Our standards for ourselves are often times unattainable and because of that, it becomes much harder to accept ourselves and our pace of progress in life.

Women are supposed to have a thigh gap, big boobs, perfect hair, and a dazzling smile. Men are supposed to have six pack chiseled abs, dreamy eyes, and should be over six feet tall. If you don't live in a beautiful home with a huge backyard for the kids to roam around in with an adoring husband, you're not doing it right. How are you going to afford that beautiful house? Well you have to have a high paying job that has lots of benefits so you can buy the finer things in life. It seems like the dream life right? It seems like the dream life because being that perfect is only possible in a dream.

Now, this isn't to say that you need to have completely low standards in life. We all have room for improvement, every single one of us, but we also have to be realistic and fair to ourselves when we are looking at our lives. If we don't have the "perfect body" that's okay. In reality, there isn't one consistent body type that everyone likes. What one person likes, another might dislike, and visa versa. We all have our own preferences and that's actually really cool because it means that we're all special and unique and desirable.

In terms of the perfect life, that's completely impossible. In order to have the perfect life, that would mean that you would be completely free of mistakes and we all know that is not going to happen. We all make mistakes but that's how we grow. We fall and get back up and it's an endless cycle. It's not about never falling down. It's not about always getting up right away. It's about getting up more times than you've been knocked down. So if your relationship didn't work out, you will pick yourself up and know that there will be a relationship that eventually will last. If you lost your job, just know that it's only temporary and you will find another one. If you are struggling with some personal issues, remember that everyone has demons that they face. We all have something that we can improve on, that we need to work out, that we have to accept as a hardship, but know that we can get through it.

Life is a beautiful mess. There is so much beauty and joy to be experienced but there is also much sadness and heartache. It's like a recipe that we keep on trying to get just right. Should we mix in a little more happiness? add a pinch more patience? take away some of the worry? let the confidence cook a little longer? The truth is, life doesn't have a perfect recipe. We can try to modify and master the recipe all we want, but we're always going to end up with a few cookies that are a bit too crispy or not sweet enough. The wonderful thing though, is that even though we have a few bad bites in the batch, there are also a lot more that are so delicious and so wonderful that we never want the flavor to end.

So rather than despising the trials and always looking for faults in our lives, we should delight in the thought that things do get better. Instead of comparing our lives to those who have more or those who have less, realize that you are where you're supposed to be. You don't know every person's story. What you perceive is not always what is real. And just remember, it's okay to not have everything figured out. If you have to wait tables to make money, that's okay. If you have to seek help or counseling for an issue, that's okay. If you don't know what you want to do with your life, that's okay. We are humans. We are flawed. We don't always have the answer; we're not supposed to. Our "imperfections" are what make us, us. When looking at your life, as overplayed as this statement is, look at the glass half full. Be happy that you are alive and have the opportunity to change and to grow. Instead of looking at yourself or your life as broken, remember that all you need is a little glue to put everything back together. Whether your glue be God, a friend or loved one, a new job, or something else, it will make everything seem whole again. So when you feel broken and torn apart, just think that, that is when you find your glue and that discovery is a beautiful thing. The search for imperfection is not always easy, but the journey we will take is completely worth while.

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