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The Dangerous Element of Rock: The TIP Returns to Chicago

Thursday, June 25, 2015 Cora

Loud guitars and Marshall stacks return with a vengeance. The TIP, a blues glam rock band from Nashville- yes, Nashville, the city we associate with country- is delivering a refreshing and needed rock sound of old with modern refinements. Armed with a self titled debut album, they roar into Chicago for shows on July 6th at Martyr's and July 8th at Reggie's.

Glam rock draws a little attention by nature, but luckily not only are the guys used to standing out, they welcome it. "In Nashville, there's no one that looks and sounds like us," shares guitarist Ricky Dover, Jr. "We turn heads everywhere we go, as we stick out like sore thumbs in a sea of beards and flannel." In Music City their music stands out as well. "Our songs stray from the typical East Nashville Garage-Psych or Music Row Pop Country sound," said Dover. "That then give us the freedom to tailor our songs in a way that will hopefully stand to be timeless and not just a fleeting trend."
The group got rolling like a good party. Nashville "Rock n Roll party boys", Benny and Dixie Carl, began playing with local guitarist Ricky Dover, Jr. They then had a fortuitous chance meeting with bassist Drew Uldrich. The group is influenced by a wide range of music. "Mainly we like 60's, 70's, 80's Rock and Roll," said Dover. "But we also listen to a lot of classic blues artists like Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, and John Lee Hooker." You can hear the influences in their music and performance, but they are not imitations or copies, like picking out spices in a new dish but no one taste overwhelms. "Using your influences, but not being your influences is a very important element when playing in a band," Dover said. "Taking aspects that work well for an artist we like and then creating our own spin on it is really what it's all about." The TIP writes a majority of their music together. Someone may bring in a riff or a spark and they develop it together. They also write songs as they see them being played live. "We ask ourselves, 'What would a stadium filled of people sing along to? Let's write that!'" said Dover. "Having that mindset of being an arena level band even at our current level, is key to one day becoming a band of that stature." That live enthusiasm and passion is apparent on the album and live shows, a presence and love of life (and fun) that's missing sometimes from music. The hair, the scarves, the bravado--it's what attracted many of us to rock after we heard the music, the little bit of fantasy in real life, and it's what many of us miss. "The badass, dangerous element of Rock and Roll is still here!" Dover assured us. "Much in the way of when Guns N Roses exploded on the music scene to conquer all of the sissy hair bands in the mid to late 80's, we want the same thing today--to stomp out all of the wimpy rock bands and replace it with a fearsome, explosive Rock and Roll." Will they do it? See The TIP July 6th at Martyr's or July 8th at Reggie's and find out. For more information on The TIP or to purchase their album, visit

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