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Silvia Bours: Fashion Outside the Box

Thursday, June 11, 2015 Olivia Lemley

Often times, an average day of scavenging through the mall for a new outfit to "wow" people winds up to be unsuccessful. Everything seems the same—the same jackets with different buttons... the same silhouettes with a different pattern... the same print in a different skirt. It's all too boring! Yes, we all went through the junior high phase in which we wanted to look just like the cool kid next to us, but I hope we have now all come to our senses; as the years go by, blending in doesn't seem as important as S T A N D I N G O U T.

Silvia Bours is a unique designer who focuses her time and efforts to create pieces reflecting imagination. Her collections of handmade pieces speak to the fashionable and artistically oriented sides of her customers. Although fashion is an art, it is seemingly less common to find art within a dress now-a-days. It is designers like Silvia Bours that replenish store racks with beautiful, intricate pieces of art. With heavy influence from the Victorian Era, expect to feel like royalty when wearing one of these dresses.

Stray from the herd: With the perfect mix of sophistication and creativity, Silvia Bours gowns and dresses suit a variety of personas. Each creation is a one-of-a-kind with its own dramatic statement. Whether it is tulle, cotton, silk, pearl or crystals, expect top notch quality and customer service when shopping with Silvia Bours. These dresses are sure to turn heads and drop jaws as your audiance admires you in complete awe.

Be an individual, and make a statement.

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