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Q&A- Phoebe Ryan: Rising Musician

Thursday, June 11, 2015 Stephanie Eck

Let’s start with this… 

Take one part bewitching, add another part uprising talent, and that is how I see the aura of musician, Phoebe Ryan. 

I’ve been listening to her song, “Mine”, in car rides and it is one of those songs I find transcendentally relatable to experiences for modern females. You’ll hear phrases including “I found gold in the wreckage, put it on a necklace. Keeping it cause I, I know that it’s mine.” Demonstrating that Phoebe’s songs share insight, we can apply our own meaning and hear interpretations as we listen along.

Link to “Mine” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fsdNJAzLuU

Personal favorite remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd1xC18qB3k

Recently, Phoebe paired up with musician, Jaymes Young, to release a soulful tune near the time she signed a record deal with Columbia Records.

Song here:

Between a writing camp in France and her mine EP (release date June 9), I am grateful to have convened some Phoebe wisdom!

HSM: What’s one thing you love about the creative process?

Phoebe Ryan: The struggles - the victories - the freedom

HSM: Have you listened to all of the remixes?

PR: Of course - so cool hearing my songs reinterpreted!

HSM: How do you feel about your music being remixed?

PR: Really excited - I love when people feel involved.

HSM: What do you find inspirational?

PR: love - hate - sex - nature - happiness - sadness - the usual :)

HSM: What’s a challenge for you and how do you think others could learn from your experience?

PR: I have the shortest attention span - I’m not sure how anyone could learn from me - just look both ways before crossing the street - and don't leave water boiling on the stove!

HSM: What do you hope to accomplish?

PR: Almost everything there is to accomplish - a crazy dream I have is being in movies at some point - maybe on broadway - maybe climb a mountain.

HSM: What do you think lies in the near future for your industry?

PR: Performing on the moon / out in space.

HSM: What makes your experience unique?

PR: That would take me a novel to really answer I bet.

HSM: Favorite color?

PR: Green - easy question !!

Thanks to Phoebe and her team and I look forward to seeing her journey develop!

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