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Tuesday, June 30, 2015 Carolyn Portner

Los Angeles--the city of glamour, road rage, man-buns and dreamers. Only in LA can you grab an Uber, then go out for a drink with your driver - #worthit. Only in LA can you get away with going out braless--still in shock I do this from time to time (I think it is just a phase). And drumroll please...Only in LA is it acceptable to move across the country jobless to join the movement of starving artists dreaming of being writers, actors and entertainment ballers driving a Mercedes down Rodeo Drive. That is where I come in, minus the Mercedes and double the starving.  

At the beginning of this year I moved from the Midwest, suburbs of Chicago, to pursue my dreams of working in television and film. My experiences since moving to LA, highs and lows, have taught me that embarking on an adventure for oneself is invigorating yet challenging. For every feeling of happiness and pride I have about my decision to step 2,000 miles outside of my comfort zone, I have twice as many doubts and fears that can be summed up simply as--“What the hell did I get myself into?”

LAnding Safely, will be my chance to find out what I did get myself into. This is my chance to learn more about Los Angeles and the people that call this city home. I hope this blog is fun, relatable and daring.  I hope this blog will help others take a risk to seek adventure and answers in their lives.  I hope this blog answers the questions I still have yet to answer about myself and my journey. Lets do this!!
            Carolyn Portner, Tal Lee Photography

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