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Music Festival Fashion's for the Curvy Gals

Thursday, June 18, 2015 Michelle Landriault

Summer is upon us, which means Music Festivals are in season again. I, for one, have been super stoked about music fests. Aside from some amazing beauty looks, (btw: you can totally pull of being a flower child now) there are some awesome plus size trends that are right in line with summer music festivals.

Asos Curve has been on my hit list lately. In this past year, I've found some seriously amazing gems from this online boutique. I'm also super happy with their customer service, and how great my experiences have been as a shopper. I don't find that I have many sizing issues or anything like that, and being a larger plus-size girl... you'll come into some real nightmares am I right ladies?

This summer I'm planning on going all out for my music festival looks. I am currently obsessed with these awesome grey tanks from Asos. Actually, there's a couple that I've had my eyes on, but these looks are the simple summer trends I'm so glad are now in my size. It's so easy to throw these tanks on with a nice pair or jeans and call it a day! #Effortless

You need some ripped up jeans for a music festival, and some rockin accessories. You also need a wicked awesome makeup look, which I'll have a couple created for you in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for that! PS, am I the only one in love with these bitchin sandals, or these sweet sneaks?

Whatever you can find that will make you feel sexy while you're sweating in that summer sun... that's really the trick for summer shopping. I am crushing on this skirt with fringe, it's screaming summer music festival, but it's also screaming "I'm an easy and comfortable outfit for summer!" You'll want to look for things that you can swoon over, without sweltering in this heat.

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