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June Letter from the Editor

Sunday, June 07, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

It's June you guys! You know what that means, right? The next issue of Halfstack Magazine goes live at the end of the month! I am so excited to share this issue and all the amazing work that went into it. We worked with Laura Lopez of and she once again knocked the shoots out of the water. We are featuring Borris Powell, Fermented Fruit Design, CambyCam and True Partners in Craft as our editorial features along with some amazing articles by the staff focusing on Body Love/Acceptance/Empowerment. There is also a retro throwback feel to our shoot with Borris Powell on location at Lickity Split in Edgewater that is just the epitome of summer.

Clothing by: Borris Powell - Hair by: Nevena Zee of Custom Hair Lounge Makeup by: Kim Schaffer
Models: Sargon Khoshaba& Natalia Kalat on location at Lickity Split

This idea of body love/acceptance hits close to home for many of us. Whether it be coming to terms with our flaws, finding the beauty in our differences or just accepting ourselves for who we are, there is a movement occurring and I am so excited to see where it leads us. We live in a world that sends us all sorts of messages about the ‘perfect’ body. Unrealistic photoshopped images of ultra-skinny models distort how we see our own body, and how we take care of our health. Many of us are excited to see women like Tess Munster rocking the industry and pushing for change in her #effyourbeautystandards movement. The story of Caitlyn Jenner is a testament that it is never too late to find yourself and be who you truly are. Change is a coming and as a media outlet that thrives on positivity, I am excited to be a part of it.

This issue I wanted to push the envelope on the true definition of beauty. To highlight that beauty is in the eye of the beholder as well as the fact that beauty begins from within. I wanted to highlight people brave enough to love themselves for who and what they are. I wanted to showcase individuals who are empowered to travel the road less traveled and I feel that we have accomplished this in a beautiful way. Laura has a special shoot that I am so proud of. One day while we were location scouting - we were talking about people like Tess Munster who are just throwing it out there and this idea came up to share the story of people who are scarred, who are battling, who have aspects of themselves they didn't particularly like, but who are beginning to love those very things they were ashamed of.

We also worked with the amazing Karli Butler this issue once again for our shoot in Gary Indiana featuring Fermented Fruit Clothing, CambyCam and True Partners in Craft. She's the beauty behind and she just lives and breathes empowerment. I can't wait to share this issue with you all at the end of this month. In the mean time, a lot of the articles you will see presented in our online space coincide with the themes we are sharing in this issue - self acceptance, body love, empowerments and of course the fun times and adventures of summer.

We have some new writers on board this month as well. Please welcome Alexis Ellers who is a Chicago based photographer (also designer behind True Partners in Craft) who will be giving you insider access to some great events and concerts in Chicago. Then, there is Tyronita Bell who will be a voice sharing her thoughts on pop culture/entertainment. Rachael Stewart is also another new voice on Halfstack. She will be sharing inspiration on self love/beauty/relationships and her journey as a young woman in our mind/body/spirit section as well as a youtube influencer on our youtube channel.  Speaking of youtube, if you have not subscribed to our channel, take a moment to do so HERE! We have some new faces including the gorgeous Michelle of Michelle Swoons who has recently been added to our roster of HSM Youtube Influencers and is also highlighting all things beauty/lifestyle on the blog. If you are interested in cross promoting your channel and working with us on partnerships - feel free to email me with a link to your channel and tell me more about yourself and what your goals are. Send your note to and put "HSM Youtube Influencer" in the subject line.

Michelle Landriault Photo by: Perry Fish

We are also excited to announce a partnership with Visit Milwaukee & Summerfest. We will be doing a full feature showcasing all Milwaukee has to offer along with behind the scenes footage of our adventure. Be sure to check out the issue for the feature and visit the blog for our recaps, photo galleries and videos! We are also hosting a giveaway! Check out THIS ARTICLE for details on how to enter our twitter giveaway to win a pair of general admission tickets to Summerfest!

Finally, we are holding a Summer Issue Release/Beauty Bar Event in partnership with the amazing team at Solo Salon! We will be featuring the editorials from this issue as well as welcoming some of the subjects and designers to be on site from the stories on our pages! In celebration of self love we welcome you to enjoy  complimentary mini services at the Beauty Bar brought to you by Solo Salon. Free apps and drinks to start the evening and goody bags for the first 100 people. The event will take place July 6, 2015 from 6-9PM. To RSVP and get more information visit the Facebook Event Page.

Hope you all have a fabulous June and looking forward to seeing you all at our event!
Jen Lezan
Editor in Chief

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