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Halfstack Highlights Ep. 27: Interview With Mr. Kate

Thursday, June 04, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

In today’s episode of Halfstack Highlights, I had the opportunity to interview Youtube lifestyle sensation – Kate Albrecht of the wildly successful channel and brand Mr. Kate. Kate has one of those personalities that breathes sincerity, but has a DGAF kind of attitude. Her humor keeps her channel grounded while her personality keeps her viewers coming back for more. What I think is most refreshing about her channel is that she keeps it real.

Images courtesy of MrKate.com

We talk about her journey from an etsy shop owner to a lifestyle brand and everything in between including her new book: A Hot Glue Gun Mess. She gives us some insights to her creative process, what’s so damn hard about running a business as a creative and even shares how she stays inspired while trying to juggle multiple jobs. Kate is a jewelry designer, youtuber, interior decorator and now author, we talk about how she handles it all with style and grace and what she would tell her 18 year old self. She even has some tips to share for those of you looking to turn your passions into a creative career. Click play below to hear the entire podcast and to learn more about Mr. Kate

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Mr. Kate is an LA based lifestyle brand that celebrates creativity and the inner explorer. They curate and create fun DIY projects, amazing youtube videos and products designed to embellish your unique and inspired lifestyle. The brand is the brainchild of trained metalsmith and designer Kate Albrecht. The Mr. Kate jewelry collections feature unique, handmade gold, rose gold and silver dipped jewelry pieces accented with crystals and a touch of whimsy ranging from $12-200. In addition, Mr. Kate also designs the Mr. Kate BeautyMarks that she dubs “The New Makeup”. Offered in metallic Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold and a stunning array of Watercolors, these innovative, hand-sketched designs are applied to the face and body to accessorize any look.

The Mr. Kate collections are sold on the Mr. Kate website and through exclusive partnerships with top retailers, the various Mr. Kate collections are individual pieces of art that are must-haves for your unique style! Mr. Kate is known for her #whynot?! tagline. This statement embodies all that the Mr. Kate lifestyle is about. #whynot take risks? #whynot explore? #whynot follow your dreams. This ideal is instilled in her videos, writing, design and she shares it so well with her fans.

Thanks for listening to todays episode! If you want to learn more about Mr. Kate, make sure to check out her youtube channel Mr. Kate and visit her online at: mrkate.com. You can also pre order her book which officially releases June 16th and get a free gift! She’s also on snapchat @mrkate, on instagram facebook and twitter. While you’re online make sure you stop by halfstackmag.com and follow us on instagram, twitter, facebook and snapchat @halfstackmag

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