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Flats Studio : Confronting The Abject

Saturday, June 13, 2015 Perry

On Friday, May 29th Flats Studio hosted another amazing showcase of local artists!  Titled, Confronting The Abject, the May show featured pieces/installments that focused on different facets of abjection that are avoided or ignored, such as: desire, shame, violence and perversity.  

The show took place in the Flats Chicago 1050 West Wilson event space, which was perfectly accommodating for the diverse mediums of art.  One of the larger installments was made of stacks of newspapers that were dated and categorized to represent the timeline and reflect the casualties of the war in Iraq.  

 The show also featured an amazing selection of photographs by Oli Rodriguez and a video installment by Wolfie E. Rawk.  Overall, the selection of art was wonderfully diverse and thought provoking.  

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