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Emerging Artists: Unique Jewelry Designers

Wednesday, June 03, 2015 Catie Coscino

Recently, I covered Randolph Street Market and was asked to award ribbons to my favorite pieces.  While shopping the event and picking out the best of the best for our fabulous readers, I also decided to do a little side work and find the best of the best as far as talent is concerned.  While I mostly attached my ribbons to home decor pieces, I couldn't walk away without applauding some of the amazing jewelry designers I had stumbled upon.  I just couldn't leave them in my wake as I rushed through, on a mission to find the world's most amazing antique mirror.  So, I decided to shine a spotlight on three designers with totally different but equally fabulous points of view.  There's something to be said for the following ladies.  The vision, precision and determination it takes to manipulate metals, stones and unexpected elements into something delicate and intricate, or a large and profound statement-making, outfit-completing, often one-of-a-kind wonder truly leaves me in awe of their raw talent.  

The Edgy Girl

Mashallah Ghouleh, SS15

Mashallah Ghouleh, a Chicago native, has been on the scene for a while.  Her use of unexpected materials, such as tech waste and volcanic rock, are just a little hint at what sets her apart.  Ghouleh's SS15 collection consists of geometric block shapes in pastels and not-often-seen shades of green and orange, all held together by beige bands of leather and suede. She also recently took up dream catchers, and my boyfriend and I couldn't agree on which we liked best, so we purchased two!  His choice is triangular in shape and consists of twigs, rope and an intricate weave.  Mine is a large gold circle, with delicate chains dangling volcanic rock in the center and soft oatmeal yarn hanging in long fringe below.  The best part is that her pieces are so unique, and you can see her jewelry design roots in them even as she steps away to create something new.  While they aren't available on her site at the moment, you can catch her at Randolph Street Market to purchase yours.  She's definitely one to look out for! 

The Bohemian Goddess

Shown: Amethyst Crystal Necklace, Citrine Crystal Necklace, Spiral Rosette Ring

Alexandria Wills of Fibonature was one of the most talented and inspiring designers I met at Randolph.  Amazingly, she is only 20 years old yet she has established her own brand and has seen success in selling her pieces into local boutiques and markets.  Her point of view is bohemian, delicate and understated.  Her use of color is minimal and she plays with shapes and textures to make statements of their own.  Everything is handmade because she has found that the quality she is able to achieve by making her own jewelry is worth the time spent to do so.  Fibonature consists of dainty jewelry pieces that are perfect for stacking, but recently she has stepped out and into footwear and clothing which she also manufactures by hand.  Of her entrepeneurial success, Wills says "I am always trying to defy people's expectations and prove to myself what I am capable of. Why should you let age, gender, ethnicity or lack of funds stop you? If I let the opinions of others knock me down then I would not be where I am today. I would not have started my own brand and I would not be the youngest artist at every market I join or at every store I sell into. You must embrace your differences and take risks that no one wants you to take because that is how innovation occurs. That is how you grow and learn. That is how you are going to change the world. You have to have the courage to make something out of nothing."

The Classic Woman

Amelia Rose: Cabo Gem Teardrop Earrings in Gold Light Green, Paris Post Earrings in Gold: Yellow with Blue Outline and Aqua with Pink Outline

Amelia Rose has been on my radar for awhile now because her pieces provide that perfect pop of color for the classic woman who prefers her clothing feminine and her jewelry at the forefront.  Her pieces are elegant statement makers.  Rose offers unique designs that will take you from day to night, from now to far into the future.  Her classic designs with a twist are sure to stay in style for years to come.  My two favorites are the Paris Post and Cabo Grace earrings.  Rose says, "The inspiration for our Paris Post Earrings came through my love of combining contrasting materials reflected in the opaque stones combined with the shimmery pavĂ© crystal outline.  Our Cabo Grace earrings were influenced by summer colors, like those from mango sherbet, fresh cut grass, bowls of fresh berries and of course, the ocean!"   All pieces are available online.

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