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Cocktail Courier Drink Debut at Broken Shaker

Thursday, July 09, 2015 Perry

There is just something about a refreshing, craft cocktail that makes any summer get together all the more festive!  Taco Tuesdays wouldn't be complete without the perfect margarita.  An afternoon of sunbathing by the pool wouldn't be the same without a classic cosmo.  But, creating a unique cocktail can be much more difficult than pinning your favorite recipes on Pinterest!  

That's where Cocktail Courier comes in!  An online cocktail delivery service, Cocktail Courier brings drinks crafted by Chicago's top bartenders to your doorstep in a single box with all the accoutrements, including the liquor and even the garnish. 

On the evening of June 9th, Broken Shaker, located inside the newly opened Freehand Chicago, debuted their new drink that has been added to the Cocktail Courier menu.  Titled, Lady In a Brier Patch, this new cocktail even comes with a jar of berry preserves from France and fresh blackberries!

Not only does a package from Cocktail Courier include all of the ingredients you need to create impressive cocktails , but they also offer same day delivery and a tip to the bartender who created the recipe!

So, the next time you find yourself making a last minute run to Whole Foods to hunt down that hard to find ingredient, remember that Cocktail courier takes the panic out of party planning , with fresh products and easy step by step instructions.   There will be nothing left for you to do, but to kick back, relax and enjoy the party (and a cocktail)!

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