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Artist on the Rise: Meet Tyran Brown

Friday, June 05, 2015 Tyronita Bell

Tyran Brown is an up and coming L.A. based rapper that you should definitely be on the look out for! With his unique sound, charismatic spirit, and drive to be the best he is destined for greatness.

He has been writing music ever since he was 13 years old. He began recording at age 16, and really started pursuing music during his college years. Tyran attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. During his time in graduate school, obstacles like budget cuts and minor set backs at the time led him to focus more on his passion of music.  The artist expressed how “Vegas is a land of opportunity, majority is about how bad you want something, how successful you want to be.” That “hustler, go getter mentality, being exposed to things opened my eyes to what I’m willing to do to make it happen.” When asked what his number one goal is to accomplish in his career, he confidently stated “legendary status, to have an impact. To have people listen to me for years to come.”

The inspiration behind his music comes from the “struggles and roller coasters of life. I try to be creative as possible around my feelings.”

Tyran has had the opportunity to open for Kendrick Lamar, Eric Bellinger, and Too $hort. He also has co-headlined with the likes of Ty Dolla $ign and Casey Veggies.  He describes his experiences performing as “Dope! Kendrick Lamar wasn’t who he is now… he was on the brink, the whole city came out. It was packed, the energy was crazy, everyone was running up asking me for my autograph. It felt good to appear with people who had more success than me at the time."

Brown has also been fortunate enough to be mentored by five time Grammy Award winning artist and musician Malik Yusef. He talks about how it all came about at “a conference in Hollywood. One of my songs got selected to be [discussed] by a panel. He let me rap for him; he put me on the spot. He was like I want to help you. I was with them in New York, and New Orleans. I got to be around and be a fly on the wall, it was real dope! It was like being in a training camp for football or a boxing match. It inspired me so much and made me open to writing with new people. I was soaking people in, I learned to maneuver [things] like college again.”

Outside of music Brown enjoys cooking. Playing basketball, and boxing. He even jokingly added that he likes “ flirting with beautiful women.”

Tyran is currently working on his EP titled Book of Tyran. It is set to come out this Tuesday June 9th, 2015.  He says that fans can expect a “ contradiction purposely, I’m a Gemini so I don’t think anyone on this earth is the same all the time, and if they are I want their autograph. I don’t want to be put into a box. Some songs show my vulnerable side, some songs are for the ladies. Often what happens with artists is that they are put into a box, and people get thrown off because they expect one side. I want people to understand who I am as a person. I wrote all the hooks, the bridges; I want [them] to see how hard I worked on it.”

Tyran Brown is without a doubt an artist on the rise. His truth shows in his music. With his charming personality and ambition he will certainly get far. Make sure to keep an eye out for this one. He is without a doubt the next big thing!

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