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ACME Hotel Summer of Vinyl Package

Monday, June 08, 2015 Perry

I walk through the front doors, with handles the shape of peace signs, decorated with stickers, like those you would find on a traveling musician's guitar case. Yup, this was the place. I check in at the front desk, and immediately I feel right in my element. I have arrived at ACME Hotel, and for the evening it is home.

After a tour of the hotel, located at 15 E Ohio St., I head up the elevator to my room on the 9th floor. I am immediately impressed by the infusion of art into the decor of the humble room. Canvas headboards, printed with over-sized hand prints, a metallic zipper painted onto the wall, a florescent lipstick print that serves as a nightlight on the bathroom mirror; it was like I had walked right into my own personal art gallery.

Adjacent from the bedroom is a lounge area, furnished with a sofa, a kitchenette and a beautiful view of the city. Displayed on a table in the center of the room is a portable record player and a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones.

In celebration of festival season in Chicago, ACME Hotel is offering a summer package that is sure to allure all music lovers. The package includes overnight accommodations, a $10 Spotify gift card, two vinyl records, as well as the record player and headphones, all for guests to take home with them.

More than just a beautiful room, ACME also offers a gym, a jacuzzi and an amazing in-hotel bar/lounge, The Berkshire Room. Named after the hotel that once stood where ACME is today, Berkshire is well know for it's craft cocktails and extensive whiskey offerings.

After an amazing night's sleep, I woke up to the best surprise I could possibly imagine. Free coffee! Morning Joe, a signature service at ACME , includes a free craft of coffee being dropped off in front of your door, at a desired time in the morning. But wait, it gets better! I also started my day with a pastry from West Town Bakery, located right downstairs in the lobby. Through the Knock and Drop room service, my breakfast was placed outside my door for me to pick up, making it so much easier to pull myself out of the comfort of my fluffy bed.

After a peaceful breakfast, I collect my bags and head down to the lobby. I check out at the desk and turn in my keys. As I walked out into the bustling city morning, I couldn't help but notice how relaxed, inspired and well-rested I felt. After just one night spent at this artistic oasis, I felt like I was ready to face the day and rock out the rest of my week!

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