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A Look Into Company Culture with Home Run Media

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 Stephanie Eck

Self-proclaimed, having a mission “to create a platform for others to succeed and show them how” is in Home Run Media’s DNA. Put short and sweet on the company website, “TV advertising as a tactic= Scaling up web business.”

Stepping beyond and enhancing its productivity is the company culture provided. A common denominator in the workplace atmosphere is... treats.  Not to be synonymous with unhealthy, instituted is a bi-weekly Instacart grocery order and weekly organic produce delivery. 
If that worked up your appetite, you might also find someone who enjoys a different kind of treat--employees enjoy dog adoption reimbursement. Yes please, I’ll take a new best friend. 

The team recently had an event in which they painted together, complete with food and drinks. For fresh crowds, outings can bond groups in fun ways. Coming from diverse backgrounds, anything to ease the transitions of the unknown at a new or evolving company can help remind employees that they are right where they need to be. 

To learn more about media buying or see more of what Home Run Media is about:

The perks continue!

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