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2015 Chicago Scottish Festival & Highland Games Bringing in the Kilts June 19-20th

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 Stella Quimby

When one thinks of Scotland, we think of tremendous amount of red hair along with Kilts. Well guess what? Those kilts and red hair (maybe) will be coming in the Chicago-land area on June 19-20th!!! Here at HalfStack we had a chance to talk one-on-one with Stacie Williams, the Entertainment chair of this year's Chicago Scottish Festival & Highland Games!!!

Photo from Chicagoscots.org

HalfStack: So what set's 2015 apart from the 2014 Scottish Games?

Stacie Williams: This year we have 3 different bands (2 of them brand new)! We are featuring Tim MacDonald, the current reigning top Scottish Fiddle (there is a showcase of Scottish Fiddling). Tim is also preparing to go to the actual games in Scotland! We are also featuring Skerryvore, who are an actual band from Scotland and have been playing for over 10 years and have 4 albums out. They are a blend of traditional folk rock with a modern rock flare! Super fun band that everyone is bound to enjoy. Lastly Cleghorn will be playing again this year! They are a father & son team from Texas! The father is a southern rocker and the son plays traditional Scottish instruments, and merged together they are spectacular.

H.S: Anything else that makes the 2015 Games a MUST to attend?

S.W: Yes we have pipe and drum band competitions! We have over 200 bagpipers with drummers, marching across the Hamilton Lakes fields this year! That is something you don't see everyday!

H.S: How about any of those traditional Scottish sports we see on TV? Are those being featured?

S.W: Yes we have the Caber (tossing of the trunk) and other heavy athletics! There will be a rugby tournament as well!
Caber tossing. Photo from chicagoscots.org

H.S: How about the food??

S.W: We will be having a marketplace which includes Celtic vendors, jewelry, clothing and yes food, drinks and music! Also included are the dogs of Scotland demonstration we will be having this year. There are about 30 different breeds affiliated with Scotland and there will be a demonstration with these dogs on agility courses! Also featured is the Highland cow! and other different animals affiliated with Scotland.

H.S: Anything else that you want any of our readers to know about this event?

S.W: Yes we have a Scottish heritage tent where you can trace your genealogy and see which clan you are from. Also every year we feature a clan and this year it is Clan Young.

H.S: Is this a family event?

S.W: Yes, we offer a family friendly event with many kids crafts and activities so bring the young ones! We also have many showcases to please the entire family!

Thank you Stacie! So everyone makes sure to visit the 2015 Chicago Scottish Festival and Highland Games taking place at the Hamilton Lakes (500 Park Blvd, Itasca IL)  on June 19-20th from 4:30pm-10pm Friday and Saturday June 20th from 8am-10pm. Adults are $20 and Kids $5, for the 2 day pass Adults are $30 and kids $5!!! For more information visit www.chicagoscots.org

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