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Worth the Wait?

Monday, May 04, 2015 Michael Shayler

After waiting patiently over the past several years, the waiting period was finally over. We were getting the fight we have always wanted.

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

Saturday saw the two fighters come face to face in the center of the ring to unify the WBO WBA and WBC Welterweight titles.

Floyd made his usual focused entrance with his camp by his side, even adding Justin Bieber and the Burger King himself to his entourage.

Manny entered barring his normal smile, maybe even seeming a little too happy moments before the biggest fight of his career. Even stopping at one point to capture a selfie with trainer Freddy Roach. Jimmy Kimmel made an appearance escorting Pacquiao to the ring.

Once Pacquiao took that selfie, you sensed something wasn't right.

You had celebrities left and right, you had fight fans all over the world shelling out $100 for pay per view by far an all-time high for a boxing event. Vegas was the place to be.

After all the hype, after all the hooplah, it was about to go down.

And what did we get?

Exactly what every boxing fan should have expected.

12 rounds of "catch me if you can"

As the bell rang, Mayweather actually came out aggressive and throwing punches. It was thought of as a sign that this would be an entertaining fight. Not exactly the case. Once Pacquiao started hitting his groove, Mayweather went into his normal defensive mode where he would stay for the most part of the night. That strategy did not play well against Pacquiao as Mayweather found himself in the corner or on the ropes trying to ward off Pacquiaos attack quite a bit.

It got so tough for Mayweather that he had to resort to constantly tying up or what looked like hugging to force a break up of the two and bring any momentum Pacquiao had or was gaining to an instant halt.

This was a common sequence
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Boos reigned down as fan's grew impatient with Mayweather's cowardly tactics. If Pacquiao didn't have the public's full support, he did now.

As was this...
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Unfortunately, with their being no restrictions or seemingly no point loss for tying up your opponent multiple times, Mayweather used the rules or lack there of to his advantage.

Yes it made the fight seem boring and destroyed the quality of what could have been an epic encounter. Mayweather is smart and knew exactly what he could do to stop any further damage.

There were few bright spots, but there were points where both fighter's landed solid power punches to no avail.

The fighters in attack
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For the most part it was Mayweather keeping away from Pacquiao while throwing alot of weak jabs for the sake of his punches landed percentage.

Total punches thrown was very close but the landed percentage heavily favored Mayweather with an impressive 48% of his power punches connecting.

Final statistics
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Fan's are very unhappy with the way this "mega" fight turned out and deservedly so. It seemed that neither was fighting with pride. Mayweather was not fighting to win, he was fighting not to lose. Pacquiao has seemed to lost his edge. We got so caught up in thinking about the potential of the fight I think we failed to realize the realism of the fight.

With Mayweather ultimately winning by unanimous decision, the results showed why we needed this fight to happen six years ago.

In the end, it feels like we have all been duped just so two already comfortably wealthy athletes can add more zero's to their bank accounts.

Mayweather thanks Pacquiao for his help in earning a $100 million fight check.
Image courtesy of USA Today 

I don't see Mayweather granting a rematch with one fight left on his contract. Can't see him putting retiring undefeated at risk against a fighter that he knows can beat him.

I say if their is a rematch, we as fans boycott the fight. No way we can let them make us look foolish a second time, can we?

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