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The Power of Words

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

Recently something that I've realized was that we don't give credit to the power behind the words we say. What comes out of our mouths can either encourage or discourage.  Unfortunately it happens and unfortunately it can really affect someone. Words have power to either destroy or to bring life to someone. It just depends on how we use words. Of course we all have our bad days and sometimes negativity oozes out of us. It happens because we're human and we will fail, but to go back to the person you have either offended or affected is key. Even if we didn't mean harm, coming back with clean hands is better than knowing that your words have negatively taken a toll on someone.

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Words can heal us, break us, confuse us, or embrace us. They can change lives. It's pretty remarkable how important words are. They can even hold the faith of our lives. Words like guilty, not guilty, marry me, I want a divorce, you're sick, I love you, or I hate you are life changing for the better or for the worse. Words have thanked us, congratulated us and encouraged us. They've also hurt us, overwhelmed us and broken us. Words used negatively brings chaos and confusion to us. It makes us sad and heart broken.

Nowadays words aren't viewed as important when they actually are. People use words like, "I hate you," as a joke. While they may not mean it with harsh or cruel intentions, the word hate is a strong negative word that surpasses the word dislike. Using words like that can really bring someone down without even realizing it. The way words are said reveal the condition of the heart which is why hurt people, hurt other people.

The words we say should be words of encouragement and even praise. They should be uplifting and positive. They should change someone for the better and bring joy and peace.

The next time someone around you does something wrong, don't shoot back with negativity. Remind yourself that words have power and instead inspire them with uplifting and encouraging words.

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