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Sweatin' it out with Caelum

Monday, May 11, 2015 Teresa Espinoza

Remember the days you would see women at the gym in a t-shirt and basic black yoga pants? Well walk into a gym now and you'll see women in coordinating printed yoga pants and tanks and bright neon sneakers. Women want to look sexy and fashionable during the day but also in the gym too. I'm guilty of it! My credit card can attest to that!

Activewear isn't just functional anymore, its edgy and fashionable. The more quirky and fun the better! I've become a huge fan of activewear and its not just for the gym anymore. I wear mine running errands not only because of comfort but because some of the pieces are just so cool. I basically live in leggings now. I wear them at least 2-3 times a week. My new favorite are by Caelum and I would probably wear them daily if I could. 

Caelum is an active lifestyle brand that carries some of the coolest activewear I've seen. It's edgy and sexy all wrapped in one. It's both functional and fashionable that's what makes it so great. By far my favorite part of Caelum is that I can actually wear their stuff other than just at the gym. I can actually dress it up and use it as an edgy day look. Check out some of my current favorite pieces by Caelum and   find out more about the active lifestyle brand online

Caelum Gemini Sports Bra - Nordstrom Rack

Caelum Basic Legging in Onyx - Caelum Online Shop

Caelum Andrea Basic Legging in Flamingo pink multi - Caelum online shop

Teresa Cutrera
Fashion & Style Editor
Halfstack Magazine

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