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New Book Launch: "Today's Inspired Latina"

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

Author Jackie Camacho-Ruiz is celebrating the release of her new book, "Today's Inspired Latina: Life Stories of Success in the Face of Adversity," at an event to be launched May 21. She gathered amazing, motivational and inspirational stories from 26 women that have overcome and surpassed difficult obstacles and created a book that will not only encourage women from all over the world but possibly change their lives.

I was able to speak to Gabriela Rodil who had the honor and privilege to be one of the 26 writers featured in the book. She was able to share her personal story of inspiration and hope. Her story describes a divorce she faced in 2008 and how it affected her as well as how it changed her.

Gabriela Rodil

The theme of her story is lo que pasa conviene. "This is Spanish for what happens is appropriate or what happens suits you. It is more than the class: it happens for a reason. For me anything that transpires is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to rethink and to readjust. That is not to say it is not painful (excruciating at times); I believe that behind the events, there is a lesson or a course correction; a nudge to ultimately take you to a better place. My divorce (along with many events, stories, people) is part of who I am," she told Halfstack.

Telling the story and replaying moments and events in her head was anything from easy but it needed to happen. "This process of talking about something so personal and opening up was transformational in itself. My work is very cerebral. I am surrounded by spreadsheets, numbers, logical reasoning, etc. In writing this book my excel skills were useless; I was forced to tap into another side of me. And it was simply AMAZING," she told Halfstack.

The feeling of loneliness really led her to want to tell her story. It describes the obstacles that we think would never happen or are only seen on television. Her experience left her feeling alone and in pain like no one understood what she was facing. Going through the divorce really helped her see life in a new perspective. "I want people to feel that they're not alone, we all go through tough times and we can all get out of it. Not only will we overcome adversity, but we will be better after it," she told Halfstack. "Every problem has a solution. It may not be the solution you want, but it is a solution."

Be on the lookout for the book and Gabriela's story along with other inspirational women for encouraging and life changing stories. You can find out more information on the book at

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