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MTV's Rebel Music: Giving Voices to the Voiceless

Friday, May 29, 2015 Tyronita Bell

Rebel Music is an inspirational docu-series that features young artists who influence their audience through music. Many countries around the world are experiencing devastating oppression and an significant loss of rights. The show displays the everyday struggles living in these countries, and the actions that these musicians/activists are taking to change the world.

Illustration based on photo by: Nusrat Durani

Season one showcased artists from Egypt, Afghanistan, Mali, Mexico, Israel, and Pakistan as Rebel Music: Native America. The series really struck a cord with viewers. The series premiere was one of MTV’s most shared, and viewed videos of all time.
On an episode titled 7th generation rises, it documented pop music singer Inez Jasper from Chilliwack, British Columbia.  She discussed the issue behind missing and murdered indigenous women. She is using her voice to spark change and bring awareness to the continual attacks on the women in her home country. The inspiration behind her music is to “create positivity, provide inspiration, motivation.”. Inez, among many young activists in the show are utilizing their talents to make a difference in the issues that matter most.

Season two is now playing. It continues to explore the stories of the young people from places like Turkey, Mayanmar,Venezuela and many more. 

To further spread the word about this powerful series, MTV World and Amnesty International’s Art for Amnesty Program have joined forces. Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize winning movement with 7 million followers. The organization brings awareness to global issues, and protects those oppressed. 

Educators also have the opportunity to teach students about the world around them and the voice that they have through RebelED. Teachers can be provided with a complementary lesson plan with a guide and a background history of the topic. It’s available free for download at

Rebel Music is one of the most influential shows of this time. We are the generation with the strongest voice. Thanks to social media young people are more aware of global and political issues. We are the one’s who can truly change the world. It is so important that we use our art and out talents to influence change on the things that matter. Check out Rebel Music on MTV’s YouTube channel.

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