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Mother's Day Gifts For Under $100

Monday, May 04, 2015 Olivia Lemley

May 10th does not solely focus on mothers, but motherhood. Mother's Day is more than just about biological mothers; it's about all important female figures who fit the role. Provide the caring women in your life with go-to accessories to cherish for years to come.

Ann Taylor has stocked up for Mother's Day! The new "Bumble Bee Collection" includes adorable earrings, necklaces and rings ranging from $29.50 – $69.50 and are guaranteed to make a buzz  this Mother’s Day. Better yet, Ann Taylor has the perfect accessories to complete a head-to-toe look including spring scarfs and bucket bags.

This collection brings spring wardrobes to the next level. Its theme of delicate colors makes any day a happy day with soft pinks and baby blues—not to forget the assortment of gold jewelry that compliments the sun like no other!

'TIS THE SEASON OF WHITE: Have you been hesitant about welcoming back white to your wardrobe? Well spring has finally arrived, and white is in full swing! Ann Taylor's 2015 spring collection is full of classy neutrals and pure whites for the season. Be sure to browse through these irresistible looks at

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