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May Letter from the Editor

Monday, May 04, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Hello readers! 

It's May and with a new month comes a new note from all of us at Halfstack. The weather seems to finally be sticking and I am excited to begin to see the garden I planted with my daughters begin to sprout and hold strong. That saying that April showers bring May flowers is really holding true at home for me. I personally love the rain and even through April has come and gone, I know spring showers will hold strong throughout May. There is just something about a cloudy day, rumbling thunder and water droplets on my window that makes me truly appreciate nature. 

I made it a point to get out and explore beyond my city this past weekend. We headed out to Starved Rock to see the amazing nature that Illinois has to offer. The waterfalls, rivers, cliffs and natural wonders that are so close to home is amazing.  I really urge you to get outside and soak in that much needed Vitamin D that we can often lack during the colder months. Visiting a place like this kicked an item off my bucket list. As a city kid, I can remember reading National Geographic at school and wondering what it would be like to see a place like this and even imagining myself exploring caves. Although it is so close, it was just not an option to visit. As an adult with kids I am hoping to explore more and give my girls the opportunity to see the world a bit differently than I did growing up. The older I get the more I realize what's important and becoming one with nature is something I hope to continue to do. Maybe it's the yoga or maybe it's aging? I don't know what it is, but adventures and people are becoming more important than things. With that being said, we are committing to share ideas and fun things to explore in this month's editorial direction. 

This month we are focusing on Chicago's best. The best places you can explore, enjoy and have an adventure at.  This can range from the best places to eat, visit and explore as the weather gets better. It can also highlight great Chicago businesses and entrepreneurs. You will be reading some great pieces from the entire team and this week we are kicking off Chicago's best in the podcast with an interview with Chicago's own H20's founder: Joy Chen. So, stay tuned later this week for this great episode brought to you by Cora.

I am also excited to welcome some new bloggers on board! Rachael Stewart will be working on a column dedicated to "body image positivity" and some great inspiration vlogs for our youtube channel. Rachel Fernandez is going to be on our lifestyle, music and entertainment beat. Carolyn Portner is a Chicago transplant who is now residing in LA and will be our West Coast correspondent. Megan Pilar is going to be sharing her expertise on our beauty and grooming beat. Jen Oquendo will be offering her insight and experiences on our lifestyle, spirit and opinions beat. Finally, I am excited to bring on Stephanie Eck will be working on PR side by side with me and Elaine as we promote and grow our brand this year. 

I am so exited about this upcoming issue as well. Our writers are finishing up pieces and I am working with Laura from on our upcoming fashion editorial photoshoots. We will be showcasing some amazing Chicago designers on location in Chicago as well as a beautiful urban exploration piece on location in Gary, Indiana. Laura is working on a special piece on self acceptance and body love that is bound to make an impact on the reader. We have lots in store for you all this upcoming summer. So, keep up and check back and as always we appreciate your support. You all are a gift to us!

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