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Saturday, May 02, 2015 Michael Shayler

A fight six years in the making is finally happening for the sport of boxing.  For some time boxing has been on a decline as big names are becoming scarce but tonight will see two future hall of famers settle the long, drawn out debated question, who is the best?

The build up to this fight alone is worthy enough to be published into a book. The claims of this fighter not accepting that term or that fighter not wanting this term kept negotiations on the fritz. Each corner standing by the way the want to fight to come to terms.

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Floyd "Money" Mayweather and his unblemished 47-0 record into a potentially epic matchup against Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao who sports a 57-5-2 record. This fight is to unify the WBO, WBA and WBC Welterweight titles.

There is a contrasting difference between the two fighters when it comes to public preception.

One on end you have Mayweather who is known as what some may call a "trash talker". Always known to be talking a big game and not afraid to speak his mind and show confidence in himself. He is very open and opininated when given the opportunity to make statements to the public. It tends to rub people the wrong way which makes him seem cocky and arrogant. No matter the situation, Mayweather stands behind his word and if his record is any indication, he backs those words up in the ring . Though not without controversy, Mayweather has overcome every obstacle placed in front of him. This is by far his toughest challenge to date.

Then you have Manny Pacquiao. The more well mannered and laid back individual. It's very easy to like Pacquiao, as he is also a congressman for his home country of the Phillipenes. Always seems to have a smile on his face whether it be inside or outside the ring. Pacquiao leaves his talking to his long time trainer Freddie Roach. Roach is very open about his distain towards Mayweather and has always felt Mayweather stands no chance against his fighter but puts it in terms not suitable for me to quote.

Mayweather brings his defensive style where he tends to lay back and calculate his next move into a fight against Pacquiao and his aggressive approach who seems to constantly be in attack mode. Pacquiao has the ability to throw an array of punches in the matter of seconds without breaking a sweat. Mayweather may have trouble staying in defensive mode as Pacquiao is not afraid to come to the fight if the fight won't come to him. It also doesn't help Mayweather's case that Pacquiao is a southpaw which always troubles opposing fighters as most fighters train in an orthodox style

Endurance will not be an issue for either fighter as Mayweathers last five fights and six of his last eight fights have gone the full 12 rounds. Pacquiao has gone the full 12 rounds in seven of his last eight bouts but has lost two of the fights, a controversial Split Decision lose to Timothy Bradley which he would eventually avenge and a sixth round KO by the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez when Pacman got over aggressive and walked into a massive right.

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In the end it's a tough call to say who will win this fight. It seems like an even matchup through the different variables. Mayweather surprisngly seems very quite in the time leading up to the fight which shows he is taking this bout very serious. Pacquiao and his killer instinct is always a concern for opposing fighters.

All fans can ask for is the fighters go out there show why they are considered the best at what they do. The imagined money generated pushed aside, the fight needs to add closure for the fans of both sides. Let's just hope our closure doesn't come from a deciding judge.

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