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Hair and Skincare Picks for All Budgets

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Catie Coscino

Working as a blogger for Halfstack has given me the opportunity to try tons of different beauty products.  Recently, I've gathered that not all of them are created equally and I thought about how much of their hard-earned cash one potentially spends on hair and skincare products.  Without trying them first, it is so hard to tell what will be worth it.  For that reason, I have decided to pull together some of my personal hair and skincare picks based on value and results.  Starting with the higher price tags and working my way down to the steals, I'll detail what I loved about each one.

Naturopathica: Oat Cleansing Facial Polish, Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum. Moroccanoil: Hand Cream, Body Souffle

Naturopathica is a brand that I have just been introduced to and I'm extremely impressed.  While it isn't cheap by any means, I would say the price point is moderate and fair for the instant results you see upon use as well as the health-conscious ingredients they utilize.  I tried a few of their products, including the Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel and Arnica Muscle Gel, which I loved.  However, we are talking bang-for-your-buck today and in that case, there were two that blew me away.  

My #1 favorite new product is the Oat Cleansing Facial Polish.  Gentle and effective, this facial polish works as an exfoliating scrub, daily cleanser and facial mask.  The scent is light and appealing and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth without drying it out.  The 2 oz. tube is $26, but I would recommend just going for the 5 oz. option for $52.

My second choice is the Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum.  Extremely lightweight with a pleasant scent, this serum instantly firms skin and makes it look and feel amazing.  Clinically proven and consumer-approved, this serum comes is available in 0.5 oz for $48 but it will last you an incredibly long time because you only use a drop or two at a time.  

Moroccanoil has two great moisturizers that I fell in love with.  My first pick is the Body Souffle in Fleur De Rose.  Thick, creamy and super effective- this is my favorite full-body moisturizer.  Skin is instantly softer and smoother with each use.  The souffle has such a luxurious feel to it, and the delicate rose scent only adds to it.  You can get your hands on 1.5 fl. oz. to try it for $19, but if you know you love it, you might as well go for the 6.4 fl. oz. tub for $ 56.  It will last you forever and continue working like a dream.  

The second, their Hand Cream in Fleur D'oranger, is a weightless, paraben-free cream that intensely moisturizes with no need to reapply more than once a day.  The citrus scent is invigorating and works as a nice pick-me-up.  The 4.2 fl. oz. option costs $32 in a convenient sized package for throwing in your bag when you need to moisturize on the go.  All of the above are sold online, OR, you can pick them up at MySpa Chicago and enjoy 10% off when you purchase a service.

Vita Volume Boosting Foam, Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner, Glowtion Potion Styling Oil, Kerabalm

Keratin Complex is my favorite when it comes to affordable salon-quality hair products.  Their Vita Volume Boosting Foam is easy and should work well for all hair types.  What sets it apart?  This is one of the few products I have used that actually moisturizes while volumizing.  Typically, I have to choose between body and moisture, but this keratin infused foam allows me to have the best of both worlds for only $25.  

The Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner, retailing at $18, is great for everyday use.  If you are looking for intense moisture and to repair damage, I recommend applying it to damp hair, then putting on a plastic cap.  Leave it on for 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly, and bask in the glory of your ridiculously soft tresses.  Seriously, you won't believe it's your hair.  

Kertain Complex's Glowtion Potion Styling Oil is a lightweight serum that softens, protects from humidity and adds shine to hair.  Don't let the name fool you- it isn't greasy in the slightest and the light fruity scent makes hair look and smell great.  I love using it when the humidity seeps in to keep my hair from frizzing and it dramatically improves the look and feel.  I'm also a sucker for sleek packaging, and the matte black look of this bottle is very appealing.  You can get your hands on it for $29. 

 Last but not least, Kerabalm 3-in-1 hair balm also helps protect from humidity, while keeping hair moisturized, smooth and manageable.  Kerabalm is like a BB cream for hair, and is the first of its kind to meet the comparison.  It's a lightweight formula and you only need a dime to quarter sized amount per use depending on how much hair you have, so the bottle will last you a very long time.  It sells at $29 for 1.7 oz.

Now for the absolute steal.  Calgon has an array of skincare essentials that boast amazing scents, affordability and results.  My favorite scent is Morning Glory, which is classic and floral.  They do sell their products separately, but I recommend purchasing the Take Me Away Gift Set to get the best deal on their full-size products.  While it does make a quick and easy gift that anyone would appreciate, I chose to snag this one for myself to save the extra cash!  The Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash was my favorite out of the whole set, as it truly left my skin soft and smooth.  If you haven't gotten the point already, I'm very into moisturizing products and it's hard to find an affordable body wash that doesn't leave that squeaky, soapy residue on your skin.  That was what really sold me on the set.  You can get the body wash, Skin Nourishing Body Cream, Fragrance Body Mist and a shower pouf for $11.69 on promo right now.

Ranging from extremely low to high price points, there are products out there that will offer the results you're looking for at the price you want to pay.  It just takes a little searching to find the right fit for you!  Hopefully, my trials and errors have weeded out some of the less useful products and pointed you in the right direction to finding your new favorites.  If you do give any of these products a try- I would love to know what you think of them!  Feel free to reach out and let us know so we can help you find even more amazing products in the future.

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