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H20 + CEO Joy Chen: Refreshing Leadership

Thursday, May 07, 2015 Cora

Some people view big business as uncaring and only focused on the bottom line. Joy Chen, CEO of H20 +, represents a new climate change and shows how it can succeed. She has used value-based leadership before with great results and will again while waking a “sleepy” brand many people remember.

Joy Chen has a unique approach to leadership that sees results. As the former CEO of San Francisco-based Yes To products, she is credited for taking Yes To from start up to a fast growing company. Their profits quadrupled under her watch. Her positive and progressive leadership style is something she is known for. “I believe in being honest, candid, and transparent with people,” Chen said in a phone interview. “People appreciate honesty even when the message is unpleasant. People would rather know the truth. People always know where I stand.”

Something else refreshing about her style is she leads with her values. “We all have different values and bring them to the team and culture,” she said. “Keeping integrity every day and making the right business decision by doing the right thing is more important than a profit and loss.” Building the right team by including diversity is also important. While many leaders like to create a team “in their image” with people who think like them, Chen prefers to include people with different experiences and approaches to challenges. “That’s where the breakthroughs happen,” she said. “When you value [that diversity], you get better results and solutions to the problems. It’s the job of the leader to see diversity and bring them together to work effectively as a team.”

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Chen has never had to think twice about upholding values in a big business setting. “We all want the right business results,” she said. “But business results won’t come if the decisions aren’t value oriented.” Chen joined H20 + because she saw huge potential for growth. Many people remember the brand and remember buying it in Oak Brook among other places. She also used their products. She has many plans to explore stories that have yet to be told about the brand and make it relevant again. One of the challenges she sees in revitalizing H20 + is bringing the people who are loyal and already love the brand together with the new people just discovering the brand. She is the person to do it. She is the person at the party who introduces the new people to her old friends, lets them know what they have in common so they can talk, and everyone has a good time because they feel welcome. For more information about H20 + visit their website at

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