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Great Looks for Summer

Friday, May 29, 2015 Olivia Lemley

Are you ready? Summer is on its way—prepare yourself for the ever so favored "long, hot days on the beach." With spring creeping out of your rearview mirror, start getting your summer essentials ready. Emi Jay has what you need!

This goes out to all my lady readers. We can all related to the struggle about putting your hair up…you can't put it back down without kinks in your hair! Emi Jay hair ties are the comfortable, functional solution. Soft, strong, and ADORABLE—these are the revolutionizing traits of the newest hair tie.
Emi Jay: A company started in 2009 by two teenagers, Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark, has emerged as the leader in on-trend hair accessories and embarks into the apparel industry. After just two years in business, their sales surpassed one million dollars. As the company is widely known for soft hair ties, Emi Jay dabbles into tee production. Expect nothing but growth with this fashion-forward duo.

In collaboration with Frankie's Bikinis, Emi Jay has launched a limited edition collection of hair ties and headbands in Frankie’s Bikinis prints. Better yet, the two brands have come out with a cute and sassy signature tee. This collab brings a sweet summer taste into the mix. 

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