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Fox Bar Debut at Soho House Chicago

Monday, May 18, 2015 Perry

Just when I thought Soho House Chicago couldn't get any better, they raised the bar that much higher!  The largest of all Soho Houses, the 108,000 square foot space includes three restaurants on the main floor, as well as several bars and lounges throughout the six floor building.  

On Thursday, April 30th, Soho debuted Fox Bar, an extension of Chicken Shop, one of two of the house's elevated restaurants.  After walking though wooden, saloon-like doors, guests are greeted with the nostalgic interior of plaid, duck decoys, and spinning vinyl.  Like a hipper version of your grandfather's study (hold the pipe smoke), Fox Bar is a perfect space to relax and enjoy a drink. 

Featuring a cocktail menu curated specifically for the enclosed space, Fox Bar feels like a best kept secret.  I started off by sampling the Fox Bar Paloma, made with blanco tequila, and a few of the new bar cuisine selections.  My favorite item, appropriately named "dirty balls", are deep fried balls of gouda cheese and bacon.  

The best part about this new space?  Well, other than the payphone that connects you directly to Pizza East, the house's other elevated restaurant.  The lighting.  As the sun dims over the room, slowly fading into dusk, a calming ambiance sets in.  Candles flickering on rustic table tops and over-sized, velvety chairs will have you captivated.  Chicago, meet your new favorite hang out. 

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