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Weekend Libations - Wölffer Estate Vineyard: Summer in a Bottle

Saturday, April 25, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Despite the fact that many Chicagoans have gone through slew of seasons over the past week, I'm quite sure that summer is just around the corner. Spring showers definitely lead to summer flowers and sunshine filled days. Patience is indeed a virtue readers. The thought of summer often brings with it amazing memories that are triggered with certain smells, tastes and music for me.

This weekend, while the rain of spring and chill in the air kept me inside, I was enjoying a bit of summertime in a bottle thanks to Wölffer Estate Vineyard. The tastes of summer are reminiscent of warm days by the lake with a soft breeze brushing my cheeks and the sun kissing my skin. I can smell the barbecue going, hear the kids playing in the yard and hear the birds singing in the distance. It's so amazing how our senses can take us back in time and how easily we can remember the feelings and see the people.

A simple glass of wine brought back a flood of memories from summers past and it seems as if that was the idea behind this latest blend from Wölffer Estate Vineyard. Wölffer Estate Vineyard is a sustainable vineyard, based in the heart of the Hamptons, that was created by late entrepreneur Christian Wölffer from a parcel of land that was once a potato farm. Today this 55-acre vineyard is part of a 175-acre estate with boarding stables, 30 paddocks, an indoor jumping ring, and a Grand Prix field. Both the stables and winery are inspired by European elegance and the wines that are developed are top notch.

The winery brought to fruition Christians dreams and is a labor of love that upon is passing, was carried on by his children Joey and Marc Wölffer  along with winemaker and partner Roman Roth. The team continues to carry on Christians's legacy. The latest blend "Summer in a Bottle" truly highlights the vineyard's affinity towards fashionable, creative and food-friendly wines.

Summer in a Bottle was inspired by the 2014 vintage and the Hampton's High Season. The team waited as long as they could to harvest the fruit for this vintage. "Choosing the perfect moment to pick was crucial to make this highly anticipated wine, bursting with the aromas and flavors of the seasonal fruits that reach their peak ripeness at the height of summer,” said Wölffer Winemaker/ Partner Roman Roth. The taste is sweet, but not over powering and has a delicate after taste that pairs beautifully with seafood.

The Rosé 2014 also is another great addition to the winery roundup. This version is a bright, copper-colored rosé that has wonderful aromas of ripe apples and lilac. You can taste freshly cut hay with a touch of citrus on your tongue. This is a great way to class up your barbecue as it pairs well with grilled pork, fish and chicken. 

To learn more about  Wölffer Estate Vineyard, visit them online HERE and on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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