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Try Mama and trust your teenager.

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Let’s say your teenage daughter SAYS she is studying with a fellow student at the library when you call. After she hangs up, a text of her location can be sent to your phone to verify her location. NOPE, she is at the mall… most likely shopping with her boyfriend or gal pals. CagoMama is fresh to phone market with this fun little app. Aimed at helping to keep track of wayward teenagers and lost grandparents, the app shoots the location of a cellphone user by way of a text message sent by their phone. The app works off the phone’s location tracking system (based on GPS and Cellular / WiFi) and works amazingly well and is pretty accurate within usually a half a block or less. The app gives an exact street address in an instant. CagoMama is an app that is particularly easy to use and is available on a multitude of platforms.

Works for Lost Seniors too

Other uses for the CagoMama app might include helping seniors who find themselves lost while driving. It is hard to give a lost person directions to their destination if one don’t know their exact present location.  This app does just that so the senior can be either towed in or given directions back to safety. Sounds like a strange problem? Not really when one looks at the aging demographics of society.  It is not uncommon for older parents to get flustered or loose their way. It is especially true if the senior is traveling a new territory. It is not always possible to take a day off of work to drive another person to an appointment. The app also helps preserves a aging parents sense of independence while at the same time give them security that they will not get lost.

In most cases, the app helps to instill a sense of trust and comfort. The app helps a parent build a trusting rapport with their growing teenager who is looking to spread their wings. With seniors, it helps them maintain a sense of dignity so they can feel independent to do simple things that they perhaps used to take for granted. Driving is perhaps one of the hardest things for a senior to give up as they become more dependent on someone to take them to appointments or do simple errands. For some people, it is not always easy to read a map on a tech advanced phone. A senior really just wants help when they are beginning to get confused or panicking.

FREE and Available for Android & iPhone Users

CagoMama is the first app from Cago, Inc — a small software development company in Chicago. Their first app, it is currently available for use on Android phones and is available at Google Play. The app is also Apple friendly and is available for iPhone at the App Store. CagoMama is FREE and simple to use location sharing service. The current version is meant for use in the US and Canada but Cago is actively working on international support.

Users of the app can share their location with their friends and family or use it to share locations with buds/peeps when they really don’t know an address of a new place or club but want to meet up with the entourage on the spur of the moment. The app makes it easy for people to find someone as it targets the cellphone. Unlike other apps providing similar service today however, there is no data stored. Information is private and not accessible to third parties or even Cago. There is no information, shopping habits or frequency patterns saved or uploaded to the cloud. You won’t get besieged by texts or emails from the places traveled. There isn’t even any user registration required to use the app. One can download it and begin using it right away.

On an Android phone, the location information is automatically sent when you receive a phone call from someone in your “trusted” contact list. This is a differentiating feature of CagoMama from other location finding apps. On an iPhone, the information is sent after the press of a button.  The location can also be sent to multiple people at the same time. Thus, Mom, Dad and the Boyfriend can know the whereabouts instantly. One can also send a text message along with the location if it is desired… Perhaps a message that says “Hi, I maxed my card. Can you help?”

For more information about CagoMama or Cago, Inc., visit their website at And if you like the app or want to give feedback or comments, give them a shout out by shooting them an email either from the app on your phone or their website. If you’d like to leave a rating on the app, go on Google Play or the App Store. Their second app soon to be released is CagoChat. It is a chatting app that allows two smartphones to have a chat session while inside an airplane or on cruise ships when service tends to be not available. 

Get CagoMama for Android from Google play 

Or find it for the iPhone on the App store at

Written by Thom Olson for HalfStack

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