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Thursday Night Rides

Thursday, April 23, 2015 Michael WHITE

In the warm spring air, under the glow of a movie theater marquee after dusk, engines rev and tires squeal. In the Village of Carpentersville, 30 miles northwest of Chicago, a vast parking lot outside Luke's (beef, dog, and burger joint) brims at capacity. Encompassing each spot, in each group, is a culture that crosses all economic levels and bridges all racial divides.

As the night ensues, the sounds of turbo and supercharged engines increase. Car clubs from all over the area make their way to these meets every Thursday.

The turnout has grown with each week, and some of those that make their way to this tiny village, drive cars that are valued higher then 3 houses combined a mile away.

The fully-loaded European luxury, and Italian exotics sit among Detroit built American muscle, import rally cars and jacked up trucks. The packs of bikes both Harley and Honda, zip in and out all night.

The plethora of vehicles invites many spectators. The crowd like the drivers, vary in age range. The freedom to see these masterpieces of ingenuity, proper maintenance and severe dedication

With hoods up, and fine tuned sound systems blaring, families with children walk around this unofficial car meet. There are no the felt ropes, no entrance fee, just opportunity for this car culture to inspire a younger generation. With no shortage of vehicles, the Thursday night car meet at Luke's of Carpentersville is a great night out for the boys, the family, and fellow car enthusiasts.

Here, everyone shares the same passion. The passion for the vehicles that move us.

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