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Needing Your Own Flare?

Monday, April 27, 2015 Olivia Lemley

The amount of color and style that arises at music festivals is incredible. With ages ranging across the board, you run into unique trends at every stage. From soho looks to punk rocker styles, expect nothing and see anything at different music sets.

Just in time for the music festival season, Stoney Clover Lane presents temporary tattoos. These stickers designed by Amanda Glickman perfectly compliment all "kandi" and other corresponding accessories.

REALITY CHECK: "Kandi" bracelets are made out of chunky beads or pony beads of many colors given and traded as friendly gestures at parties and raves.

This hot form of pop art is available through Stoney Clover Lane. With their fashion-forward brains always abuzz with ideas, sisters and co-founders Kendall & Libby Glazer are constantly releasing new accessories. Their collections are available both online and in their summer pop-up shops in LA and NYC. Find great deals on unique bracelets, keychains, pins, necklaces and clothes for your summer adventures!

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