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Need Fitness Motivation?

Thursday, April 23, 2015 Olivia Lemley

What if you had a constant, friendly reminder to work out throughout your day? I would like to put emphasis on "friendly". There are too many rude and arrogant reminders to keep healthy; you can always come across badgering commercials, before-after posters and persistent relatives asking if you've lost weight yet— there's plenty more where these examples came from. After these, you feel more guilty and annoyed than motivated.

Momentum is a fashion jewelry line inspired by fitness that keeps you moving throughout your day. This line of athletic friendly jewelry includes Motivate Wraps as well as FootNotes. The Motivate Wraps are comfortable bracelets that have a non-tarnishing aluminum pendant with your very own custom quote. The FootNotes are pendants with personalized sayings that loop through your shoelaces. Better yet, these are washable and lightweight, so you can wear them through any endeavor!

Going for a long run and you are thinking about stopping early? Just take a glance down at your wrist to find motivation to continue on!

Struggling through your last few sets of an abdominal workout? Take a peak at your shoelaces to get that extra boost to finish your exercise!

Everyone gets motivated in different ways; custom make your own suede cuffs, headbands, earrings, bracelets, footnotes and necklaces here.

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