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Halfstack Writer Premieres "How to Field Dress in Lilly Pulitzer" at Gorilla Tango Theatre

Thursday, April 09, 2015 Cora

.30-30 Productions presents the world premiere of “How to Field Dress in Lilly Pulitzer”, the one woman show written and performed by Halfstack contributing writer Cora Vasseur at Gorilla Tango Theatre Wednesday, April 29th at 8 pm.

Cora Vasseur. Photo by Hannah Persson. The show tells the tale of a Northerner’s love-hate relationship with the Republic of Texas coming to a boil when she falls for a Texan and battles Southern belles, culture shock, and her identity crisis. Vasseur has been interested in putting together a solo show for a while and when she read Gorilla Tango’s call for producers she pitched the idea. “The title and description came out fully formed which was really fun,” Vasseur said. “The endeavor is intimidating, but exciting.”
Vasseur performing at City Lit Books, Chicago. She grew up on Garrison Keillor and British comedies such as “Fawlty Towers”, “Keeping Up Appearances”, and “Are You Being Served?” After graduating Second City’s Comedy Writing Program, she wrote, directed, and produced sketch comedy around Chicago as well as writing lyrics for comedic songs. Some were showcased at The Green Mill. She now loves to share her stories at live lit events and story slams, recently performing at The Moth. Stemming from strong Chicago roots, but growing up in rural Illinois, most of the show’s material was inspired by Vasseur coming from two worlds and resisting identifying as a “country girl”. “For example, I grew up on rock and blues music. I thought I had an allergy to country music until overnight I enjoyed it,” said Vasseur. “It raised several questions like, ‘Who am I? What else does this mean about me?’” The stories range from her affinity for boots, bourbon, and mudding to allowing herself to be vulnerable, believing she is enough, and fleshing out her self- worth. “I’m a country girl who loves the city and a city girl who doesn’t mind her neighbors being 150 acres off,” said Vasseur. “Writing the show helped me accept I’ll never be fully one identity. They’re all apart of me.”
Photo by Hannah Persson. Vasseur wrote the show as a series of essays. “I like stand up, but a storytelling style feels more natural for me,” she said. “As much as I want the show to be fun and entertaining, I also wanted to be honest and vulnerable.” She plans to turn the essays into a book along with other related material not featured in the show. Vasseur hopes viewers laugh with her and walk away with greater empathy for others. “We’re all on a journey and we may not know where someone is on that journey or what they’re going through,” she says. “I do believe we’re all doing the best we can with the information we’re given. Even if it doesn’t feel like it or look like sometimes.” For tickets, visit or call (773)-598-4549.

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