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Halfstack Highlights Ep. 25 - Interview with Lea Redmond

Thursday, April 09, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Hey everyone! In today’s episode of Halfstack Highlights, I talk with Author and Illustrator: Lea Redmond about her latest book: All Lovely Things a field journal for the objects that define us. Lea and I talk about Lea's journey as an artist and the hustle she’s had to put in,  her first project the worlds smallest post service and what it was like establishing herself without the art school connections. There's some great candid moments about life as well! Keep listening for more.

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About the Book

All Lovely things is perfect for artists, collectors, and crafters of all stripes and ages. Lea is the author behind the book and creative behind Leafcutter Designs. Working as a “Pinterest for the inner soul,” this beautiful artistic exercise book helps people analyze the meaning behind our favorite objects. Illustrated prompts and open space ask us to examine what the items in our lives say about who we are: from a sweater from a first date, to a favorite kitchen item, to an old toy.

ALL LOVELY THINGS prompts us to:

o Draw portraits of ourselves, or people we love, admire, or imagine
o Connect specific objects to important people in our lives
o Create sketches, collages, or descriptions of the key items in our lives—and how they have contributed to who we have become

I hoped you enjoyed this episode of Halfstack Highlights!! Shout out to Lea for an amazing conversation and for creating a journal that is sure to inspire artists. If you want to learn more about Lea and her work, check her out online at: and while you’re at it make sure to stop by You can follow Halfstack on facebook and twitter @halfstackmag! Also, follow Lea on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE Thanks for listening!

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