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Guitar Genius Robbie Fulks Jams at Fitzgerald's with All-Star Line Up

Thursday, April 16, 2015 Cora

Fitzgerald’s will have the jam session of the spring this Friday. Guitar genius and embodiment of independent music Robbie Fulks performs with all-star players Friday April 17th at 9 pm including Todd Phillips on fiddle, Robbie Gjersoe on resonator guitar, and Aaron Till on fiddle and mandolin.

Robbie Fulks. Picture by Dino Stamatopoulos. “Alt country” doesn’t fully describe Robbie Fulks. There’s a strength and fortitude that isn’t seen in other singer-songwriters. He’s performed in groups, on his own, been a songwriter in Nashville,and put out his own albums on different labels. The ways he gets things done feels more punk in that if it doesn't exist he creates it and he won't be wrangled for long. He’s an artist and true performer, doing what he needs to do in order to get his music made.
Robbie Fulks. Picture by Stan Golovchik. On his podcast, “Walking the Floor”, Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters describes Fulks as “a man who does not want to be pinned down” with music “that cannot be pigeonholed.” Fulks is one of the best kept secrets in music. People know him and don’t know him. If you know of him, your life is better. While it’s unfortunate he’s not a household name and getting the attention he deserves, the people who know him respect him and hold him dear. His music is for the people but the people who know of him are the connoisseurs, the ones who listen deep and appreciate what’s being done. Stylistically his music jumps around “like a patchwork quilt” he says in the “Walking the Floor” interview. “I like to keep one personality while making a record,” Fulks told Shiflett. “Then I don’t want to repeat it.”
Robbie Fulks. Picture by Stan Golovchik. There’s an old fashioned purity and haunting quality to his latest album, "Gone Away Backward". He steps away from the amplifiers and drum kit driven work to flourish in folk and bluegrass. It is balanced extremes that are very nice to listen to. As Bloodshot Records says, it is “as hopeful as it is dark…Compassionate while cold-shouldered. City and country.” For more information and tickets on Friday’s show, visit Fitzgerald’s. For more information on Robbie Fulks, visit his website

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