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Get that Hot Summer Bod with These at Home Moves

Thursday, April 16, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Written/Modeled By: Brittany Lohmann from Crossfit AMRAP , Co-written By: Stella Estrella-Quimby and Photography by Nicole Enders. Accessories provided by: Dakota Watch 

With this never ending cold, it is easy to become disillusioned and forget that in a few months we’ll all be sporting tanks and shorts. If shorts and tanks and all that skin start bringing forth a panic attack in you, no worries we have you covered with these easy at-home exercise moves that will get you ready to show off those legs in no time. So get that workout gear ready, tie up your shoe laces and get ready to sweat with Half Stack. 

Total Body Movement

1. Stand at attention.
2. Crouch down and place hands on ground on either side of your feet.
3. Kick the feet back behind to you to a plank position.
4. Complete a full push up.
5. Jump and/or walk the feet back towards the hands.
6. Jump and clap hands overhead, returning to the starting position at attention.
(Do 3 rounds of 10 for a sweat and to get that heart pumping)

Upper Body. 

Push Ups 
1. Start body in a plank position with the arms fully extended (i.e. see below.) 
2. Maintaining tension throughout the torso, bend at the elbows and slowly lower the body until the chest and the chin touch the ground. 
3. Once the chest and chin hit the ground, press through the palms of the hands until the arms are fully extended and locked out.

NOTE: To modify the push up further, drop to the knees before lowering the chest and chin to the ground. After the chest and chin have touched the ground, push up to the starting modified plank position.
(Do 3-5 rounds of 5-10 push ups)

1. Position fingers facing the heels and keep the arms fully locked out.
2. Extend the legs out in front of the body with the heels on the floor.
3. Slowly bend the arms and lower the body until the shoulders dip below the elbows, which are considered the finished position.
4. Once the shoulders are below the elbows, then push up through the palms until the arms are completely straight.

NOTES: This movement can be performed on a chair, small table, and/or the stairs. To scale the movement, bend at the knees and use the legs to push up the body up back up from the finished position. 

(Do 3-5 rounds of 10 dips)

Trunk. Planks

Front Plank
1. Begin with elbows on the ground, placed directly below the shoulders, and the arms resting out in front. 
2. Keep the torso in a straight line while squeezing the abdominals, quads, and the butt.
3. Extend the legs behind the body with the toes on the ground.
4. Hold position for 1:00.

Side Plank
1. Lay on one’s side.
2. Whether on right or left side, place the elbow underneath the shoulder.
3. Position the legs on top of one another with the hips resting on the floor.
4. Press up through the bottom leg and raise the hips.
5. Maintain the body in a straight line, and hold the position for :45-1:00.
NOTE: To scale this movement, bend the bottom leg at the knee and then press the body into a straight line.

Back Plank
1. Sit on the ground with legs fully extended.
2. Place hands behind the butt with the fingers facing towards the heels.
3. Press up through the heels and the palms of the hands until the hips raise off the floor and the body is in a straight line.
4. Hold for 1:00.

 (Front Plank featured)

The Swimmer
1. Lie on the stomach with the arms and legs fully extended. 
2. Slowly raise the arms and legs off of the ground.
3. Slowly move one’s arms and legs up and down as if swimming. 
4. Perform 3-5 sets for :30-1:00 with :30 of rest between sets.

Lower Body. 

1. Place feet shoulder width a part with the toes placed at a slight 45 degree angle.
2. Bring the hands together overhead to help maintain a tall torso.
3. Shift the weight back towards the heels.
4. Sit the hips back, lowering oneself until the hips drop below knee level. At the finished position, the hip crease should be below the knee. 
5. Press through the middle of the foot until the legs are fully extended and the hips are fully opened.
(Do 3-5 sets of 15-20 reps)

Jumping Lunges
1. Standing upright, place the hands on the hips.
2. Jump the foot out in front of the body until the leg reaches a 90 degree angle and the back leg extends back into a similar position.
3. Drive through the middle of the front foot and jump up before quickly bringing the back foot forward and the back foot behind the body.
(Do 3-5 rounds of 20 reps- 1 leg is 1 rep)

So brush off the cold with these hot moves and start picking out your new swimsuit for this summer! Remember do these exercises 3-5 times a week and make sure to add some cardio too!!! 

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