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Bacon + Art + Booze At ACME Hotel

Friday, April 24, 2015 Perry

Artists can be inspired by many things.  Music, culture, life, etc.  Sometimes, it's as simple as bacon and beer!  On Thursday, April 16th, Arts N Spirits collaborated with Revolution Brewing for Baconmania, at ACME Hotel, 15 E. Ohio St. 

Guests were invited to tap into their creativity and love for bacon for a pop-up painting class.  Inspired by Revolution's Anti-Hero and in celebration of Baconfest, the subject was a green fist holding a strip of bacon.  

Of course I joined in on the fun! I sipped on some delicious Anti-Hero for a little liquid creativity and with the help of our instructor, Dan, I created my very own piece of art.

This was the second annual Baconmania hosted by ACME Hotel. Beginning March 31st, ACME celebrated Baconfest Chicago with several events inspired by all things bacon, including a Kevin Bacon movie night and bacon tastings.

This year's Baconfest took place at the UIC Forum , April 17th and 18th. A selection of Chicago's top chefs created hundreds of bacon dishes for the three course celebration.

While I didn't eat any bacon, I did get to bring it home with me! My new painting has a special place on my living room wall; a tribute to this wonderful city and it's everlasting love for bacon.

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