april letter from the editor

April Letter from the Editor

Monday, April 13, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Happy Monday everyone! I know this note is a bit late, but better late than never! I am writing this note as we are 2 weeks into our Spring Awakening focus. This month is all about the awakening of the spirit and natural world around us. We are focusing on showcasing things to do outdoors, fun cultural and arts events as well as showcasing some amazing creatives and entrepreneurs this month.

This month we are also introducing some new writers to all of you! We have Catie Coscino, Mike Jones and Michael White. I am so excited to have some fresh new voices and new perspectives to add to our blog! Catie will be focusing on fashion and lifestyle topics whereas Mike will be focusing on sports and men's lifestyle topics. Finally, Michael will be bringing some newsworthy and evergreen topics to our publication along with some political insights.

I am so excited to see what these new voices have in store for all of you. Our publication and website continues to grow and evolve and the addition of these voices will help us as we work hard to bring each of you relevant content. This weeks Halfstack Highlights Podcast is showcasing a conversation I had with creative, Lea Redmond. We talk about her latest book: All Lovely Thing: A Field Journal for the Objects that Define Us. We also discuss her journey into her creative career and what it was like building a name for herself. You can listen to the full episode here.

Although the rain and gloom may get the best of you this month, I urge you to explore and cherish the fact that all of these April showers will indeed bring May flowers. I am excited to see my garden bloom and get out of the house to explore nature this month.

Take care everyone!
Jen Lezan

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