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A Springtime Soireé at MySpa Chicago

Friday, April 24, 2015 Catie Coscino

As my friend, Rachel and I enter the Fairmont Chicago, we are directed towards the escalator which leads us to a short well-lit hallway ending at two beautiful frosted doors.  Just beyond those doors, MySpa is holding a small but luxurious event where guests are invited to experience mini back or hand massages, manicures and delicious small bites.  As soon as we enter the room, we are greeted warmly and offered glasses of champagne on a silver platter and a tour of the spa.  The whole room, although filled with food, smells simply of lavender.  The sound of the waterfall wall is a soothing invitation.

As we take our tour of the separate men's and women's changing rooms, large showers and relaxation lounges, I can't help but wonder why I have never heard of this place.  As it turns out, there's quite a stigma when it comes to hotel spas and restaurants.  Many believe that these are only available to hotel guests- but they are actually open to the public.  Not only that, but MySpa encourages Illinois residents to come in and receive 20% off their services.

Located right in Millennium Park, the spa features a modern design and offers the finest amenities.    They have a duet massage room, complete with a large relaxation tub for couples prior to their massages- a perfect set-up for honeymooners.  The women's relaxation lounge is dimmed with large chairs, hot towels, minimal décor and a table with coffee and fresh cucumber & strawberry water.  The men's, on the other hand, features lounge chairs and a large TV.  Toni, who has offered to take me on the tour explains that their male and female clients tend to have different ways of relaxing.  Most of the time, the women are found chatting with their friends, while the men zone out to their favorite shows.

Heading back to the lobby, I sign up for a mini back massage and a manicure.  Rachel opts for the back and hand massage.  As we wait to get our treatments, we sample the food.  A large spread offers a variety of amazing gourmet cheeses, crackers and breads, mini curry chicken salad sandwiches as well as mini avocado shrimp sandwiches, fruits and cookies. Pitchers of delicious fresh strawberry banana smoothies sit on a nearby table.  Corinne, a friendly hotel staffer lets me know that James Phillips, the hotel chef, has made everything special for the evening.

Soon, we are each beckoned to receive our services.  Rachel is whisked away for her hand massage featuring an exfoliating and age-defying salt scrub as I begin my manicure. Joy, a lovely nail artist shows me an array of color choices.  She tells me that pinks and purples have been very popular, so I go for a hot tomato red with pink undertones.  Olé Calienté by Essie is my polish of choice for the day.

Tanya, the masseuse, is courteous and makes sure I like the scent she has chosen before she gets to work on my back and shoulders with lavender scented oil.  The massage is quick but thorough.  I'm so relaxed by it that I don't even want to stand up afterwards.  If there hadn't been someone else waiting, maybe I wouldn't have.

As we exit our treatments, Corinne lets me know that they have some amazing package deals for those looking to host an event.  The Bundle includes 4 services for the price of 3, which means this is a great option for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties or just a group of girls looking to treat themselves.

While she educates us on MySpa's packages, we are given a tour of the  hotel's gorgeous Presidential Suite.  As it turns out, if one chooses to purchase a few bundles, the 1,300 square ft suite can be tied into the deal as well!  Boasting stunning views of the city, unique décor and a customizable space via different doorways that offer privacy if you would like to shut out one section of the suite, it would truly be a luxurious and memorable experience for the hostess and her guests.

Just before we leave, I notice a wall of beauty and skincare products for sale.  Toni walks me through the different brands they carry, and while they are not all exclusive to MySpa, many are only sold here within the Chicago market.  I got my hands on a few of them, so look out for more details and reviews soon!  As a nice bonus, I'd like to note that MySpa offers 10% off products for customers who have purchased a service.

All in all, the Fairmont Chicago is a beautiful hotel and MySpa is an amazing place to host your next event or just go to get away from it all.  The accommodating employees, delicious food, appealing décor and quality services are more than reason enough to pay them a visit.  I know I'll be back!

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