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The Martha Stewart Wedding Party - featuring Lauren Conrad and Darcy Miller

Saturday, March 28, 2015 Elaine Rau

The Martha Stewart’s Wedding Party was a blast! It was produced by Claudia Hanlin the Wedding Library and Lovebird Events, Inc. and they featured Darcy Miller, the editorial director of Martha Stewarts Weddings, who gave a great opening speech and awesome advice to the brides in the audience as well as Lauren Conrad, celebrity and designer of the paper crown bridesmaid collection.

The audience was given a chance to ask Darcy and Lauren a few questions, here were some of Darcy’s answers:

“What is a good color for all skin tones?”
I have found that blush works well and is very neutral.

“How do you incorporate a man if he is one of the bridesmaids?”
An option would be matching his tie or pocket square to the ladies.

“How important are the bridal/bridesmaids shoes?”
Comfort is number one, and depending on how long the dresses are - you may or may not even see the shoes! However, you can never go wrong with a neutral colored shoe. Just make sure to tell your bridal party beforehand if you will be walking in grass so they can be prepared with a thicker heel or wedge.

“What color palate would be good for grandmothers/moms? And should they match the bridal party?”
 They could be similar but it is really up to you!

“Other than a bachelorette party what other fun activities would you suggest doing with your bridal party?”
Go to a cooking class together or a wine tasting, whatever you enjoy doing with your friends, do it!

“What are your thoughts on a big bridal party?”
The bigger the bridal party the more work for the bride. Need to take into consideration bridal party gifts and more meals to pay for during the rehearsal dinner, more flower bouquets and boutonnieres… and it adds up quick!

“What are some tips you have to stay present during your wedding?
Make sure to eat and enjoy it and that is the mindset you need to have before you go into it. Also remember that not everything will be perfect so pick your battles and let it go! Nobody knows all the details, guests are just there to have fun and celebrate.  Also pretend the wedding is actually 2 weeks earlier than the actual date and it will really help with not planning last minute.

Lauren Conrad also answered a few questions:

“How do you know what looks good as a bridal party?”
Pull pictures online and arrange them on the screen to give yourself a visual.

“What is your favorite part of a wedding?
Favors! Love wooden boxes with cards and little treats inside of them, that is what I had at my wedding.

“What was your inspiration for your bridesmaids line?”
I couldn't find what I was looking for in the stores and wanted an very unique and eclectic look so I created my own line!

The party attenders were able to enjoy 100 of the finest wedding vendors as well as attend several useful workshops including learning how to create your own boutonniere and floral headpiece, cocktail mixology, learning how to tie a bowtie, as well as fun paper napkin folds. It was a very exiting Sunday afternoon – can’t wait for the same event next year!

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