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Spring Issue 2015: Innovators - Letter from the Editor

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

The spring issue has arrived readers! This issue marks Halfstack’s three year anniversary! We’ve come a long way since 2012. Our team has grown, our stories are more in-depth and we’ve pushed ourselves creatively in so many ways. We pride ourselves on showcasing the latest talent, the up and comers and in curating the great unknowns. The last three years we’ve grown with all of you out there and for that we thank you! You can read the full issue HERE.

PRSVR Shot on location at Jesse's Barbershop by Andrea Pabon

This issue is dedicated to the innovators in and around Chicago; The artists pushing the boundaries with their work, the newcomers who aren’t afraid to make a statement and the businesses who are making a difference. ­­The features this issue are packed with interesting people, brands and locals. We open the issue with a feature from Cora spotlighting the local JCC organization and how they are embracing young startups.

Cover shot by Aimee Jeane Elizabeth of VisualStimulusDesign

We are also showcasing local art centers like Bridgeport Art Center and the Fulton Street Collective. Each has it’s own style and offers artists an opportunity to share their work and create a community. No issue would be complete without a spotlight of local artists. This issue we share the journeys of four Chicago based artists in the “Chicago Indie Artist Spotlight”.

Perry has some beautiful features of local independent Chicago businesses including: Artistic Blooms, The Patternbase and Jason Kovick Designs. Olivia interviewed Corri McFadden of shop-e-drop off and shares some insight on the journey of an entrepreneur. The fashion features included in this issue are inspired by times past. We shot up and coming designers: PRSVR and Traci Ciccarelli on location at Circa Modern in West town and Jesse’s Barbershop in Portage Park. I also share the stories behind these two businesses as well as others including: Solemn Oath Brewery. It is always exciting to share local businesses with all of you, even more so when the owners are down to earth and humble.

                                                                   Shot on location at Solemn Oath Brewery by Dwight Bejec'

This issue we have something very special to share! Tareq’s pieces on the popular Iraqi pop/rock band UTN1 are in both English and Arabic. He shares their journey, their struggles and triumphs in an inspiring write up. ­This dual language piece gives us the special opportunity to connect with a global audience in Chicago and around the world. 

In our Dining & Entertainment section: Thom shares his experiences at the uber swanky Del Friscos this issue.­­ Meanwhile, Cora features the latest collaboration at The Harris Theatre with The Kronos Quartet. Dwight shares upcoming concerts and some albums to check out this Spring along with an interview from artist to watch: Adam Clark.

No issue would be complete without Danielle’s latest grooming & beauty roundups. She also interviews beauty guru: Brandon Liberati and highlights Chicago based beauty entrepreneur: Monique Rodriguez of Mielle Organics. You can check out our behind the scenes video below!

Finally, I close out this issue with some inspired thoughts from Reynisha and an interview with indie photographer and director Andrea Pabon, a young Boriqua making waves in Chicago. As always, thank you for your support readers. Keep following your dreams!
Jen Lezan
Editor-in-chief & Founder

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