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Red Bull Presents: James Iha in the East Room

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Pearl

Last week, the former guitarist of the band Smashing Pumpkins and native Chicagoan, James Iha, performed a DJ set at the East Room.

As a part of the Red Bull Presents series, James Iha performed a special DJ set at the barroom: East Room, which is located in Logan Square. The doors opened at 9pm, but James Iha wasn't scheduled to deejay until much later on. Several other DJs performed as openers and got the crowd warmed up as the night went on.

As the hours passed, the crowd slowly started to gather in order to see the headliner, James Iha. By the time he actually started deejaying, the place was packed. James Iha ended up doing a pretty decent job of being a DJ and kept the crowd pleased. However, his DJ set wasn't anything spectacular. He also looked very tired the entire time. In my opinion, he would be better off sticking with playing the guitar.

East Room itself was a very nice bar and venue. I loved the dimly lit chandeliers, the furniture, and the paintings that were hung up around the room. The entire place had a nice, intimate vibe. I loved it. I really wouldn't mind going back there again sometime!

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