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Marci Kessler's Tips for Spring

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 Olivia Lemley

Get excited for spring with the latest fashion and looks! As founder and CEO of DoubleTake Consignment, Marci Kessler has been a name to know within the fashion industry. For over 20 years, this innovative go-getter has developed her knowledge of fashion and is offering her expertise! Get a flawless look for spring with Kessler's tips.

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6 Trends for Spring:
Gingham print: This happy-go-lucky print is showcased best through dresses, tops, and bottoms for your new spring wardrobe.

Suede: Base your outfit with suede in an assortment of silhouettes, bright colors, and textures.

Fringe: Who's been waiting around until the 70's came back? Add some flare to your look with a fringed bag or shoes. BEWARE…just because the 70's are back, it doesn't give permission to pair a fringed dress with your favorite necklace from the decade as well. You don't want your outfit to be confused with a costume!

Boho: Free your style to become what it craves with the Boho look. Referring back to the 70's look, dyed garments with a touch of floral, lace, or ruffles leave you with the perfect romantic Boho look.

Denim: You can never get enough denim now-a-days… Whether it's a dress, jumpsuit, jeans, jackets, or a twist of distressed and military style, denim is top dog!

Get Professional: Pantsuits, cropped pants, and slim blazers are recommended for all you powerful ladies out there in the workforce! Seeking perfection? Try a white suit with a navy top.

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