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Luke Winslow-King Live at Dunn Dunn Fest

Sunday, March 08, 2015 Perry

The struggle has been real this winter.  I have been aching for sunshine and the chance to wear anything other than snow boots, so when I heard that Chicago-based Dunn Dunn Fest was going down, I knew it was just the fix I needed!

Spanning three days, Dunn Dunn Fest celebrates American music across six different venues.  On Thursday, February 19th, I attended the show at The Hideout, featuring Michele McGuire and Kory Quinn, with headliner Luke Winslow-King.  The quaint venue was perfect for the folky lineup!  Taxidermied fish lined the walls and strings of lights decorated the humble stage, giving off vibes of grandparent's basements and nostalgia.  

Originally from Cadillac, Michigan, Luke Winslow-King is a singer and songwriter who is well known for his jazz-infused, ragtime sound and his slide guitar skills. Accompanied by his band mates, including his wife, Esther Rose, King took to The Hideout stage, making the tight-packed room swoon with his cool lyrics and even cooler hair.  I knew it was going to be a great show when he pulled out a harmonica first thing!


Maybe it was the harmonica, the dancing crowd, or maybe it was just simply getting out of my seemingly claustrophobic apartment, but my winter blues were warmed, even if only for the evening.  Here's to the fast-approaching (I hope) season of sunnies, flower crowns and hair dyed every color of the rainbow.  Bring it on Chicago! 

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