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Beauty Test Kitchen: Hair Round Up

Tuesday, March 03, 2015 Denise

Hey guys. I'm here again to round up some products to review for you. Now that winter is almost ending, it's time to take back your hair and bring it back to life.

I hope this review is helpful. Comment down below if there are any products you want us to review for you!

This is the Mia Beauty Round Bristle Brush. I love hair brushes like this because this helps me spread out the natural oils my hair produces. The ends of my hair tends to get really dry, and with hairbrushes like it helps a lot in spreading the oil throughout my hair.

I also like round brushes because it does give my hair and some body when I use this type of brush. This hairbrush is available on and it goes for $7.

This is Tony Ties from Mia beauty two in one ponytailer and bracelet. I like these ponytail because gives a little extra something to my hair especially when I have no time to do something nice in my hair. I'm not big on styling my hair as much.  This helps me a lot since my hair is usually on a ponytail. What I don't like about this product is that it doesn't hold my hair up; it keeps sliding off my hair. It may also be because I have thick hair. If you guys are interested in this product they are available for $6 at It comes in different colors and some of them have prints on them which is awesome.

This is not Tony Pony Round Ring. It goes for $8 on and it comes in three different colors. I love this ponytail because I like wearing my hair up in a ponytail and this also add a little extra something to my plain ponytail. I love that I can interchange new hair ties if the hair tied that's on it loses its elasticity. What I don't like about it so much is that the ring does it close shut. I think he is also because of my thick hair. 

This is that Tony Odisho Ostia collection volumizing shampoo. I love this product. I didn't know that I needed volume in my hair because I thought that since I already have thick hair, I really don't need it. That's why I have been staying away from volumizing products. To my surprise that is not true. Having thick hair does not ensure you a well volumed hair. My hair is really thick and it was pulling my hair down making it flatter; but, when I tried this product I saw a big difference even with just one try. I saw the difference of how my hair laid on my head in the way my hair fell. If you're interested to try this product it is available in 8 ounces for $18 and 33 ouncez for $44 at
The final product that I wanted to review for you is the Tony oh this show ostia collection volumizing conditioner. The conditioner goes for $24 for 8 ounces and $56 for 33 ounces. I have reviewed another shampoo and conditioner combo from the Tony Odisho Ostia collection. As I said in my previous review I love that the conditioner really leaves your hair soft and smooth, add the volumizing factor to this and it's just gold. Since my scalp is supersensitive with trying different shampoos, it was hard for me because I love the fact that it gives my hair volume but I hate that it gives me flakes too. If I have to  choose between the two products I would definitely go for the conditioner because it does give me volume and it also keeps my hair hydrated, smooth and soft.

I hope this review help you in picking out the best product for your hair. If you have any ideas on what products we should try next please leave them in the comment section down below. Also don't forget to subscribe to Halfstack magazine's YouTube channel.

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