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Faith Picozzi: The "It" Girl You'll Love

Thursday, March 05, 2015 Cora

While she was born into Vegas royalty, actress/model Faith Picozzi took a chance. When fate called, she answered even though it meant going in a completely different direction than she had seen for herself. Now with over 30,000 followers and viewers, she is a taste maker and influencer. After hearing her bio, some of you may be bristling with jealousy. She was literally born into show business—what’s the big deal? Faith shines with a genuine heart. Like many of us, she’s a girl with many interests and doing her best to utilize all of them while making her dreams a reality.

Faith grew up dancing, taking ballet, jazz, and lyrical styles and compete on the weekends. She wanted to utilize all her dance training in a show, but she was discovered by an agent at fifteen. The agent wasn’t the only one interested in Faith for her look and style. “All this was happening at the same time and I thought maybe this is the direction I should go,” Faith said. “My family has done the show thing. Let me try this.” Her family was very supportive of her decision. Her mother knew she could handle the intense and hectic career. “I’ve always been mature for my age,” she says. “She trusted me and they said go for it.”

Modeling has taken her all over the world including Paris, London, China, and New York. Faith said while she’s always had a passion for fashion, she enjoys travelling for work because she is exposed to so many people and their cultures. Every day is different. “One day you’re shooting a commercial, the next a high fashion editorial,” she says. “One day is edgy and punk, the next is glamorous.” Her voice is calm and full of wonder. It shows how much she enjoys what she does and is grateful for the opportunities. She’s also “got this,” she’s not rattled by the ever-changing tide of her career.

It could be because when she is not actively shooting something, she is always collaborating on projects. When looking for projects to join, she looks for people who are willing to stand out, do something different, and have their own vision. One thing Faith especially loves about modeling is portraying a plethora of characters which has evolved into a love of acting. “When they put on the hair and makeup, it’s hard not to become one,” she says. “It happens so naturally. That’s what I like about acting. It’s not just wardrobe and hair. It’s adding words and melody to a character.”

After moving to LA, she “couldn’t be happier.” She gets to act, model and dance all while being near her family in Las Vegas. She’s fallen in love with improv. “It teaches you how to really listen, which many people don’t do these days,” she laughs. “It’s a brain work out. You have to come up with something.” And because she’s not busy enough, Faith’s also working on a cook book. She was vegan by the time she reached middle school and she researched how to get the proper nutrition and right proteins in her diet. It led to her repurposing favorite recipes. “Everything you can do with meat, I can do vegetarian,” she says. She’s added fish to her diet and the book will offer different variations of meals for different dietary needs. It’s still in the beginning phases, as she’s nailing down the recipes, measuring out all the ingredients she usually just throws in.

One of her dream projects involves a cooking show. “Possibly a line of aprons that are super cute to incorporate fashion,” she says. “An extension of that would be a talk show where we could go behind the scenes of acting.” Faith has a lot going on, but shows how you can do it all. She has done it on her own and the mindset she inherited from her family of innovators has helped along the way. “I've learned persistence is key along with hard work and that nothing is impossible,” she says. “It has made me super creative and independent! If you truly want something go for it until you achieve your goal.” She advises to also always be ready for any opportunity that comes your way. Faith cites Bridgette Bardot as one of her influences because she just has that “it” factor. With her balance of enthusiasm and approachability, Faith shows she also has the “it” factor to become an icon. Keep up with Faith on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

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