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Emojis Emerge in Fashion?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Olivia Lemley

Emojis are a great way to express emotion through texting. These Japanese smileys are so commonly used that they have been built into recent iPhone keyboards rather than needing to download the app. It is hard for many to resist indulging in emojis for a more colorful text. Even tech-savvy grandparents around the world are utilizing this feature. Now, can you imagine wearing these smileys?

Smiling turds have taken the Internet by storm -- is the fashion world next?  

From funny emojis to goofy fashion, Betabrand offers poo emoji fashions for him and her. The casually elegant, yet poo covered dress is the talk of the town! Coming soon, you can order this semi-fitted button up dress with an elastic waist that will provide an adorable silhouette. Heads are turning and ears are open to this new, original idea. Betabrand, the online clothier known for style memes like Dress Pant Yoga Pants, Gay Jeans, and Executive Hoodies has turned the famed Internet icon into shirts, dresses and shoes. If this isn't innovative... I don't know what is!

Many of you may be hesitant about this style, so here's a little word from the founder:
        Chris Lindland: "Betabrand has never seen products hit crowd-funding goals quicker. We're already on our third production run of Poo Emoji shoes, and we expect to sell even more Poo Emoji shirts. "

ATTENTION ALL STREET FASHIONISTAS: See how many poo covered people you can find. Support the movement by visiting, and get your very own turd style. Do we dare say emoji print may be the next paisley? 

San Francisco-based Betabrand is a crowdfunding clothing company that releases new designs daily. 

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